Rule the Search Engines with SEO Friendly Joomla Plugins

So, you have finally set up a business website. And, congratulations because you have used Joomla as its platform. But what next? Is setting up a website enough? No! You need to promote your website as well and SEO is the best way of doing so. If you are researching for unique ways to promote your site on search engines, then SEO plugins will aid you in the best possible manner. Here is an overview of some of the best Joomla SEO plugins that will make the rankings of your site soar.

  1. SEO Simple: Being simple is fun! And this plugin renders the element of fun to your SEO strategy, making it simplistic. It picks up a few beginning lines of a page’s content and pastes it in the Meta description section at the head of the page. Since Meta description is the first thing that search engines consider while listing sites in SERP, thus having relevant content is very essential.

  2. Joom SEF: With this plugin you can rewrite the URLs of your Joomla portal to increase their search engine visibility. As you design custom URLs, users find it easier to navigate your site and the search engine ranking of your site improves.

  3. SEO Pagination: If you have a site that deals with multiple categories, this plugin is a must-have for you. It allows you to give a unique title to each page on your site, which in turn strengthens the SE ranking of these pages.

  4. Set Generator Tag: As the name suggests, this plugin lets you to work upon the default Joomla CMS generator Meta tag and customize it as per your requisition. As you use this plugin, you can do away with the need of making any prominent changes in the core Joomla files and templates. The best part is that any changes that you make will stay constant even if you upgrade into a new version of Joomla. This is because the changes are made in the tag generator and not the core Joomla framework.

  5. SiteVerify Plugin: This plugin makes it easier for you to verify your site with Google. It adds a simple HTML Meta tags to the back end of your site, which eases the verification process.

  6. J!Redirect 301: Every site owner comprehends the need of 301 redirects. This plugin enables you to create easy 301 redirects for your Joomla site, so that the page that is indexed by the search engines acts as your main page. All other requests will be redirected to this main page. 301 redirects are highly preferred by web masters, as these are the only form of redirects that are SE friendly.

  7. Auto Backlinks: Back links are an essential component of any SEO venture. This simple plugin generates automatic back links by pinging pages with high search engine ranking and heavy traffic influx. This, in turn, improves the traffic on your site and it’s SE ranking escalates.

SEO of your Joomla site is not as painstaking as it seems. If you cull the right joomla development services and the knowledge to use them in the best possible manner, your search engine promotion venture will definitely be a huge success. The aforementioned Joomla SEO plugins are some of the major tools that will work as your assistants and make the ranking of your site soar.