Seedbox Hosting

A seedbox is a virtual private or dedicated server which is used to share the torrent file or commonly known as seed files. The torrent file once created, downloaded and it starts running in a torrent client, the torrent starts downloading from everyone seeding the file. What the seed does is share the torrent file to put less pressure on the bandwidth on the server. You can simply connects this with a website that you visit with high downloads; you do find the download speeds affected due to the traffic in the website.

How a torrent works? The torrent creates a network of people who want to download files it may be a music file or a movie file and for those who sharing the files to lessen the bandwidth strain on the server. This in turn increases your download speed, if everyone shares or seeds the file downloaded by them once the downloading is over.

The seedboxes are definitely better than the shared torrent hosting or other torrent hosting available. This means you are able to seed your torrents faster than the regular speed with the help of the seedbox hosting. Also this is very beneficial for the private torrent trackers too.

Having slow speed of internet, might take several minutes to download even a single music file and more than an hour to download a complete movie. Now there are many people who are patient and wait for their download to complete, where other want to make it real fast. People who want to get faster downloads spend a lot of money to get unlimited bandwidth seedbox. With the use of seedbox the torrent files can be downloaded at a fast rate. For example the music files can be downloaded within few seconds and the movies can be downloaded within few minutes.

There are a number of seedboxes providers available in the market you can look for the RapidSeedbox, the SeedCafe, The Giga RDP seedbox and many more. The seedboxes providers are worth noticing as they provide affordable and efficient seedboxes to their clients. The seedboxes undergo many bittorrent clients testing and try all the best features that you can have.

You can also look for the torrent hosting and then install the torrents in the windows seedbox package that you have bought. Other than this you can also install other important software, as you have the limit for the torrent clients. Every windows seedbox allows the user to have every administrator right for easier setup.

There are seedboxes created only for special purposes like only for torrent specific software which includes the web interfaces of many popular clients like μtorrents, etc. Where some of the clients are found to offer web interface there are other clients which are found to offer mobile interface support too.

Seedboxes that run on high speed networks are able to download large files in a very short period of time, providing that the network can handle such high upload bandwidth. In general seedboxes are found to have a download and an upload limit of 100MBps. This simply means that a file of 1 GB can be downloaded in almost two minutes and the same file can be uploaded or shared to various clients at same speed making the ratio equal. The seedboxes are generally used by the users to maintain the ratio of upload and download and be popular among the private torrent trackers.

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