SharePoint In Healthcare Industry: A Good Example

SharePoint in healthcare organizations can help connect and empower health professionals to work together more efficiently and improve care processes. A SharePoint healthcare system can be quickly and flexibly deployed by a good custom SharePoint development company as an intranet, extranet, or internet solution to suit a wide range of healthcare industry needs. The SharePoint business collaboration platform provides a host of features that map to specific business needs of the healthcare industry. In doing so, SharePoint overcomes many of the existing challenges with legacy healthcare systems and presents a more collaborative, integrated, and powerful care system.

SharePoint Healthcare Portal

Here is an example of a SharePoint healthcare portal – developed by Mindfire Solutions, an expert custom SharePoint development company, for one of its healthcare clients – to help connect and empower neonatal nurses to work together more efficiently. The client healthcare organization envisioned a collaborative solution to help neonatal nurses collaborate among themselves and other national/international health professionals, share information and get involved in healthcare decision making for improved newborn care. The SharePoint Portal for Neonatal Nurses so developed consists of two zones: Intranet & Internet. The INTRANET zone is accessible to the admin for a plethora of administrative tasks. The internal site consists of, among other things, document libraries, picture libraries, surveys, sites, people and groups, lists, member management, membership request management, etc. Persons with admin permissions can only access and update the intranet site. Some registered nurses are elected to be in Board of Directors for a particular year. The admin facilitates this within SharePoint and grants them privileges to other sub-sites, for example. The INTERNET site, on the other hand, is used by external users (i.e. neonatal nurses). The Internet zone is a full-fledged portal. In addition to the standard set of pages (e.g. Welcome, Home, About Us, Membership, Event, Partnership, Contact Us, etc.), the portal consists of additionally developed pages (like Member Registration page, Member Log-in page, Member Landing page, My Profile page, etc.) and even pages for privileged users (like Board of Directors, Conference Committee, Education Committee, Executive Committee, etc.). A set of basic functionality is also exposed by the portal that anonymous users can view, such as Recent News, Upcoming Events, etc. Anonymous users can send membership requests and, after Admin approval, are provided with login credentials and member benefits such as Document sharing & downloading through various libraries, Member Directory, Polls, Discussion Boards, Announcements, Useful Links, Blogs, Newsletters, etc. Time jobs running in the background send out various notification emails to stakeholders at appropriate times. The integrated payment gateway enables credit card processing during new member registration and membership renewal.

Mindfire: Custom SharePoint Development Company Mindfire Solutions is a a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and an expert Custom SharePoint Development Company in India. Its 7+ years of SharePoint Application Development experience and Healthcare domain expertise equips it to create improved and powerful collaborative SharePoint healthcare experiences to fill gaps, increase efficiency, and improve care processes. Mindfire has also developed industrial-strength SharePoint solutions for customers across Education, Services, FMCG, Travel & Tourism, Utilities, Distribution, and Technology industries.

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