Things To Know About Creating The Best Explainer Video For Your Business

As a businessman, you might be already aware of the fact that explainer videos can boost conversions to a great extent and even you might probably be thinking about creating one for your company too. Here, it should be remembered that the expectation of customers is too high these days and so you should be careful about creating a motion picture that can keep them watching it. Right from the start, till the end, it should keep them focused and they should never feel bored. A report says that nearly 60% of visitors are far less likely to return to your portal if your video does not stack up.

So, what is this video all about? It is a short video that clearly explains what you do, the target audience you serve and what are the problems you can solve. In other words, a well created animated video explainer, can clearly explain the personality of the company, the products or services they are dealing with and the problems they can resolve. But, it is not, specifically, a product demonstration, an overview of the company, a tutorial or a viral video. Even though, your motion picture can include some of these things, the attention should be first given on clarity and then only packaging comes into the picture. So, here comes the question why such a motion picture should be created?

The answer to this question is quite simple because they work. A report revealed that nearly 59% of the executives visiting any website to show their preference to watching videos as compared to reading text, if both are present. The same study also showed that about 39% of executives, called the company after seeing their animated video explainer.

In addition a report about eCommerce shoppers states that people gain confidence after seeing these videos of the vendors before placing their order. The report further adds that high quality explainer videos can increase the cart size by an impressive percentage.

Apart from this, another report states that overall online video consumption has increased by about 800% in the past five years and this does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

So, what it takes to create a killer motion picture for your business? The best thing you can do is to take the help of a company, who have experts to create catchy motion pictures for your business. When an experienced service provider in this respect is selected, you can see an increase in your turnover of your business very soon.


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