Emergency preparedness involves processes that are used to encounter different types of risks that occur. Many campuses have embraced this preparedness as it helps them to deal with disasters at campus level without much external assistance. It helps to alleviate suffering of students and staff members when they are affected by different types of risks. The following are the many benefits of campus emergency prepardness.

They create risk awareness to the students and staff. It will make them aware of all possible emergencies that can occur within their surroundings. This gives them a chance to prepare for them adequately so as to reduce the associated effects when they strike. When every student and staff member is aware of what is expected, risks are better controlled. It reduces the effects of emergencies as everyone will be aware of possible threats within the institution.

It allows students to become risk experts. With continued training and exposure, students get a lot of knowledge and become experts. This helps them in their future life in the field of risk management. The training offers students with certificates that proof their expertise in preparedness. In the job market, they become very competitive hence easily employed.

Response to emergencies is very fast. This is because the respondents are always ready and within the premises. When they are needed, they respond quickly to safe life and reduce suffering of the affected people. External specialists take time before they arrive at the campus and it lowers the quality of service offered to the casualties.

Hazardous materials within the institution are taken care of. With a good and effective preparedness plan, all materials that endanger safety of individuals are better managed. These includes reconstruction of old buildings and fencing of sewerage pits to avoid accidents. Also construction sites are well managed to avoid injury of students during their movement within the institution premises. Large pits are also filled up with soil and leveled to avoid accidents.

The university is able to form links with other emergency firms. The link helps in disaster preparedness as more ideas are raised. The preparedness plan is improved as quality decisions are agreed upon. The organizations also help the university to deal with possible emergencies that strike. Emergency students who graduate from the institution can also be absorbed by these organizations. This gives the students an employment opportunity. Firms like the fire brigade are very important as they help during uncertain fires. This reduces damage to property and also reduces injury of students and workers.

It develops the career of students. Some students specialize in risk management and they benefit a lot from this program. It gives them an exposure of what they expect to meet in the field after school. This also increases their demand in the job market due to the quality knowledge they have. Nowadays, organizations are looking for very experienced workers.

The university is prepared for all possible risks and this offers better mitigation measures. Mitigation procedures are put in place so as to reduce the occurrence of emergencies. It will reduce vulnerability of the students and staff members to emergencies. The measures include proper building codes, safe waste disposal and a better sewerage system in the institution.

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