Each and every university is supposed to have its own strategy to tackle any unforeseen incident that may be disastrous. Catastrophe has basically been described as the incidents that endanger lives of various people either as a discrete or even the whole of the institution welfare, consequently campus crisis response plan is the manner at which the institutions react to the happenings that occur over time. Although unfortunate happenings comprehends several events, however it may not be limited to those events.

The varieties of events are natural occurring disaster which may include, fire, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes. They occur from the force of nature. Vehement wrongdoings such as, physical assaulting, hostages circumstances, bombing incidents, sexual assault, robbery from armed persons, persons stalking. Health catastrophe such as diseases that are communicable outbreak, chemical spills, radiological threats or just sudden contamination are also some of the issues universities have to be prepared for.

Life threatening events can even come to light in form of unforeseen and very complicated demises like suicide and some accidental deaths or even some gas explosion or leakages.The most crucial aim of the institutions when such unpleasant events or disasters basically hits, it is generally able to safeguard the physical state, human life which is very important and also to protect the finances of that institution.

The colleges also needs to make sure that they first respond to the physical plus emotional bearing that is caused by the calamity which affects the toughies, members of their families plus the whole university community. The university should respond to swiftly to the various threats that occur endangering the safety of the universities community.

Most universities have already established a team which is responsible in dealing with the emergency situation when they occur at any moment, they work as one team to develop the disaster reaction plan for the universities and also manage the situation in case of its occurrence.

Several universities have a couple of policies plus procedure that are in place to equip them to being capable of effectively responding to a catastrophe when they take place. For instance there is a policy stating that when an incident happens the university should be closed till further notice plus a properly formed plan that outlines the necessary actions to be implemented if the need arises. The policies plus the procedures are very much important crisis management elements. The police have procedure in place and moreover the counseling branch attend to the emotional needs of the affected group.

The university emergency team has several responsibilities which include the gathering of the faculty plus students to inform them on the crisis that has happened. They should recognize the group of people the disaster probably has affected. Assign activities that are involved in the implementation of the reaction plan. A very important aspect is that they should be able to evaluate how serious is the situation.

A comprehensive plan to quickly react on such happenings is a necessity to the university because the future of anything is always unknown.it helps the university to be able to adequately deal with the calamity that occur, may it be, natural disaster, violent crimes, health crisis or even unexpected mysterious deaths. This plan protects the university community from excessive harm from the unpreparedness to deal such circumstances. The universities which have not put up such a plan are advised to do so.

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