Any activity undertaken that makes another person uncomfortable can be termed a bullying. While some bullies are direct to the point, others start as friendly persons that pry a little too much into the life of person and cause issues. In the past, most incidences were offline and physical in nature. Recently cyber bullying has taken over. Cyberbullying prevention measures are essential in ensuring safety for the victims.

Some of these incidences that people refer to as bullying is an argument between two people. If it gets out f hand however and the person gets cruel. This should be categorized as bullying and solutions must be sought. The easiest way to avoid such tendencies can be by avoiding any further communication. Simply to do retaliate or respond to the communication. Make an effort to save all the conversations that have been shared. This will work as evidence.

Other than letting this person go on, the victim should clearly take a stand and express their dismay. This may not be easy to do. One can practice with someone that thy trust as to make passing on the information a lot easier. If this buy insists, an experienced member of community can be reached out to for help. This person might be useful in the assessment of threat involved.

The introduction of science and technology led to the creation of several apps that can be used to store private information and communicate with other people. These apps have the capability to block an unwanted person from reaching the owner. This exposes them to harassment. To eschew all this, one should ensure all their accounts are properly protected from hackers. Mobile phones should be password locked to prevent cases of impersonation.

Another way to prevent bullying is by protecting accounts using passwords. These passwords should not be shared with any one, not even with the closest of friends. For cases where by the aggressor is a known member of community, action should be taken against him or her. For people standing by, no positive attention must be given to the victimizer. The parents have a major role to play as well.

Such victims are usually under so much distress especially with matter concerning school or online work. Majority of teen will not involve their guardians for fear of being marginalized at school. This fear is genuine and should be handled cautiously. These people should take time to understand the situation properly before getting actively involved. Efforts must be made to involve the victim in the decision making process.

The school authorities can be notified of ongoing investigation. As much the victim is usually honest, a point must be made to get several perspectives so that the truth is objectively established for all to see. If physical threats are involved as well, the law enforcement organ in area should be involved in matter as well.

The main point in this procedure is to restore the lost confidence and respect of victim. Getting the person doing the bullying punished in no necessarily a good thing. The victim should be helped to achieve improved resilience, dignity and t heal as well. Every experience that a person goes through makes them stronger and more resilient in nature.

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