Ideally, a third of students in institutions experience bullying. A student who experiences this social phenomenon will try their best to defend themselves and they may fight back or carry weapons in school. They also suffer from anxiety and depression as well as having trouble when it comes to academics. A teacher, parent or even a concerned friend has a chance to take a position in bullying prevention in the various institutions.

The situation always needs an unwavering attention and been sensitive on anything that may happen around you. There are various warning signs of bullying situations among learners. They involve avoidance of school, destruction of personal items, unexplained injuries, and change in eating habits together with other social pointers. You need to get your student or child get involved in serious conversation and share their experience.

You must never assume that the situation is harmless. It is always good not to ignore anything from the student. The individuals may have various ways of coping with the situation. What may be teasing to an individual may sound so devastating and humiliating to another personally. If your student feels threatened in any way, take it serious and act on the individuals offering the threats.

It is very essential to act accordingly the moment you get any bullying circumstances tabled to you. Additionally, you may sport some weird relationships among students, which raise questions. Get to know what is happening and act according to the anti-victimization codes of the institution. Remain calm and go through the intervention with patience. Do not agree to agree with anybody until you get the facts first.

It is advised that you deal with every student who is a victim of this circumstance individually. Do not agree to solve the problem when every person is present. Instead, try to get facts from each student at a time. You need not to ask the onlookers on what they saw when the conflicts are present. Get to summon each person in your office and get the facts slowly.

You need to declare the actual situation a victimization experience and do not allow the students shake hands in apologizing for each other. Find the underlying cause of the situation before deciding what will be done. Your decision on the case must be in line with the anti-bullying policy of your school. It is not good to empower the accused but show them that what they did will remain to be an offence until they refrain from doing it.

Listening must be your goal in the whole intervention. Paying attention to both sides before pre-judging will help you in eliminating any social malaise. You will find out that an individual who claims to be bullied is the actual person who is bullying in some circumstances. This may be due to emotional condition or some impairment, which may be triggered by drugs.

In case the harassment goes beyond your understanding, you can get a professional assist you in tackling the case. Most of institution victimization circumstances may be very severe and calling upon an expert to act on the case matters a lot. It may cost the institution but it will be worth it to prevent such social malaise.

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