This is a type of bullying that takes place by the use of electronic technology. This technology comprises of devices such as cell phone, computers, tablets, just to mention a few. Communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace among others are also an addition to this list. In relation to this, the following is an article on Cyberbullying.

There are many ways though which people can use the internet to peak on others. The most common ones include the sharing of graphic pictures and videos via these websites. Addition to that, these bullies can at times start fake stories which spread all over the web. These victims of internet bullying are also peaked on in their day to day lives which makes them feel inferior.

This bad habit can take place twenty four hours in a day, seven times a week. It means that the cycle is just endless. The amount of time that take news to travel is very short hence once something is out there on blast, the whole world will be aware of it just within some few hours. This turns the victim into a universal laughing stock.

There are people who are fond of blaming the social media platform for behaviors such as this. It is false that cyber bullying has come as a result of the internet. The blame is supposed to be placed upon the specific individuals with such behaviors. The benefits of the internet and social media are many hence cannot be compared to the few disadvantages.

There are several effects of cyber bullying and most of them are similar to the common type of bullying. This can affect persons of all ages and from all walks of life. Many children however find it hard to confide in someone else like an adult as they feel embarrassed, often wondering if they will be judged or told to close their accounts which may not be an option to them. They rather endure this in silence, living in pain every single day of their lives.

To add on to the above, this is a burden that they have to carry for the rest of their lives. It really affects them and makes them not be able to focus in any single aspect. This causes other persons to become drug addicts, take their own lives, just to a mention few aggressive measures. The saddening aspect of this however is that the entire situation could have been avoided or controlled in the first place.

Low self-esteem usually goes hand in hand with cyber bullying. When persons are peaked on and are constantly being laughed at and being looked own up, they usually fee as though they are not worth. They end up hating themselves and this will translates to several dynamics of their lives. These include their friendships, households, work places among others.

To sum up the above, cyber bullying is wrong and an unacceptable behavior. Sensitization and creation of awareness is supposed to be emphasized especially in the young generation. They are supposed to be told that what they are doing is wrong. Those who fall victims of this are advised not to remain silent but have their own voice and this can be accomplished by having them confide in an adult.

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