Many people always think that grammar is complicated. For this reason, this piece of writing will focus on understanding and using English grammar for native speakers and non-native speakers. Just like other languages, it is important that you develop an interest in English if you are to be the proficient speaker.

If you are coming from a non-native English speaking country, you need to make it a habit of using the English language as often as you can if you want to get the grip. A language is always extensive such that if you decide to learn the vocabulary, you will meet new word every day. When you use the words in your daily communication, it sticks in the mind, and you become a better user.

For those coming from native English speaking countries, you just need to develop slightly more than average zeal to learn more. However, for those from non-English speaking countries, you will need to make it deliberate to learn the language.

For this reason, after the classes you need to listen how the native speakers use the words and you adopt if you are to learn faster. Remember that even the most proficient speakers take the time to listen to other speakers if they want to develop on whatever they already know.

For the first time learners of basic grammar, they need to pay attention to the eight parts of speech. In the course of your education, you will meet nouns, which make part of the everyday speech and writing. Nouns are the name of anything. The name of a place, person, activity, and concept all qualifies to be called nouns. It is one thing to learn by reading it is another thing to practice what you learn.

You need to understand people who are proficient in a language do get many opportunities whether it is speaking at conferences or writing. Some of the basics such as correct usage of tenses, sufficient vocabulary and eight parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns would make a significant difference in your learning process. Remember that learning should be an intentional process if you want to get the best.

The basic grammar lessons such as eight parts of speech and tenses should be the foundation of your learning process. Some people always think that by learning the complicated things they become better speakers faster. Ensure you develop a plan to be progressive in your lessons that way you will become better English user.

For the native speakers, you must adopt a policy of having daily conversations with grammatical English. For the non-native speakers, you must get out of the comfort zone and desire to learn at every available opportunity that comes your way. Do not feel intimidated when you make mistakes during learning because it is part of the learning process. Correct, precise vocabulary, tenses and pronunciation would greatly improve your English speaking and writing experience.

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