Most black individuals now are living in this country. They continue to making history and have been successful of the things that they do. And that what makes them famous. They give pride to the country and been recognize by many. And all the sacrifices they had before has been paid off.

These people deserve all the recognition that is right to them. And building a good relationship with all is necessary. So conflict would be avoided. But some are too stubborn to understand them. African American heroes Missouri aims to promote their identity and that they will be welcome in the society that they live in.

They have been living around the area together with their loved ones. And some transferred to other places. But they still remember their roots and they give back the love they love and the respect that they earned. They move because they wanted to explore and they are not afraid of change. And it is a change for the better. So they can make everyone happy and proud of them.

That is why they became famous these days. And their popularity never stop. The white or Caucasian showed respect to them, and they welcome them with open arms without judgment. And they live a normal life and get a good job to support their families and also pay their bills.

But then, not all people are the same. And you cannot please everyone in the community. You will still see some who does not like you. And been trying to make friends with everybody despite the different nationalities they meet in school or in the entire community. At a young age, the children must be taught to treat everyone with respect and equality must be practiced. Regardless of their race.

This is a sign of racism. And this should not be taught to the children at a young age. Because everyone has the right to live wherever they want to. And receive equal treatment from the people around. They should not be prohibited of benefits that are right to them as a person and not because of their skin color.

They have done so much to make this country famous. And everyone must be proud of their achievement in many aspects. You can see them around in the community and around the world. And if you notice, there is one black president that become the most powerful in the world. He won because of what he is and for the good things he wants to do the country. He is a concrete example and the reason you should thanks their ancestors.

After they have been recognized in the community and around the world, there is a month that is intended for them. February is the month to observe for them. And it has become a national holiday to them. A time to pay tribute and learn the history and a lot more.

Therefore, racism should not exist. And to those people who hates them, they have to open their eyes of the great things they have done to the country. They should appreciate them and make friends with all races.

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