From its music to architecture to culture, Victorian times continue to fascinate people today. This guide includes a range of resources to help you to research the Victorian era. Whether you are interested in fashion, culture or history, there are many resources now available which can help you to learn more.

One of the more traditional tools for learning about this era is a library which still proves very valuable as a comprehensive resource. Even if the library does not have what you want, it may be possible to obtain it through another venue by using inter library loans. Libraries often offer a great range of historical books which outline the culture, history and fashion of past times.

Additionally there are a range of antique sellers which are geared towards selling items from this period. For those who want to learn more about domestic life, there are many related objects to be found in these types of stores. From toys to clothing a lot of antique sellers focus on selling items from this period.

The Internet has been a great tool for consolidating a wealth of diverse historical resources. Online you can find many official archives which are available to the public. For example, many libraries are offering parts of their collection to peruse online.

In addition there are may galleries and museums which are using the Internet as a means of providing educational material. These are a great convenient and low cost way to see images of Victorian paintings and art. Many of these institutions have websites where you can search for relevant material easily by typing in a few key terms.

A useful tip is to focus your search to allow you to find out more about the aspect of Victorian culture that you are interested in. One way to do this is to seek out the appropriate websites and institutions. For instance, those who want to know more about clothing may find much useful information by visiting fashion museums.

The great thing about this era is that it coincided with many advances in manufacturing. As a result there are many artefacts which survive from photography to household items. Thus you can often find examples in surprising places. For instance you may find Victorian photographs and books at yard stores and even thrift shops.

If you want to get more information about this subject, thankfully there are many sources of information around. The Internet has a wealth of material, including blogs devoted just to this historical period. These type of sites may include forums where readers and collectors can exchange their tips and suggestions. In addition, three are magazines available which focus on this period.

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