7 Works Cited MLA Blunders You Might Want to Stay Away From

Let’s get right to the main point here: You can write your essay’s Works Cited MLA section without getting even one format mistake, if you have a proper system.

Work Cited MLA compliance means exact correspondence to the hundreds of extremely precise and comprehensive demands, which nobody can remember. Therefore, you have 2 alternatives:

Alternative A: Invest time and effort verifying your Works Cited MLA conformity, including:

proper structure of cited works elements like writer(s), title, chapter, publishing house, date, and so on. based on the type of each source and availability of those elements

appropriate usage of bolded, italicized and underline text exactly as required by MLA format for every single source category

varied entry indentation for the primary and the rest of entry lines

appropriate use of virtually all abbreviations for example n.a, n.p., etc. exactly where it is necessary

alphabetical organizing of all Works Cited entries, making sure that the identical authors’ names must be substituted with dashes

…having said that, you really can’t be certain you did not fail to see a few mistakes anyway.

Option B: Let sCoolWork handle all of that right for you!

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In case you nevertheless prefer to do stuff yourself, please be sure to avoid these 7 common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Wrong use of bold, italics and underline typefaces.
To get around this particular blunder, carefully read the instructions for the appropriate source type. For example, when you cite a book, its title must be italicized, but when you site a periodical, you should italicize the journal or newspaper title and not the article title.

Error #2: Incorrect use of quotations.
In order to avoid this specific mistake, be sure that you use the quotation marks exactly as explained in MLA Works Cited requirements. By way of example, when you cite a resource inside of an Anthology or Series, make sure you put the work’s title into quotations and make use of normal text (no bold or italicized text).

Blunder #3: The citations within text don’t match with your Works Cited MLA section
in-text sources need to correspond to the Works Cited MLA page, along with your chosen signal word or phrase to be the initial thing showing up on the left-hand margin of the matching entry in the Works Cited MLA page.

Blunder #4: Mismatch regarding mentioning different sources by the exact same author and sources with several authors
To protect yourself from this specific blunder, very carefully read the guidance for every case and abide by them in your essay’s text to the letter. Take notice that it should be exactly relating to you essay’s Works Cited page.

Blunder #5: Web addresses on the Works Cited MLA page
MLA 7 does not demand a link when quoting an internet source in the Works Cited MLA section. Still, sometimes your teacher / instructor will ask for it. Then and only then, generate a web page link

Mistake #6: Periodicals confusion
Do not mix up between magazines, newspaper publications, opinions, scholarly journals etc. Each has its very own number of quotation requirements that should never be confused.

Blunder #7: Errors in Abbreviations
MLA Works Cited provides very rigid directions as to the way you use abbreviations in writers’ names, essay titles, dates, well-known geographic identities, etc. Be certain to apply them properly: upper case letters, lower case, in quotations, regarding publishers, which includes what to put in if you don’t know one of the data.

Last thing regarding how to create the Works Cited MLA essay without a mistake
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