Americas Best Universities: UC Berkeley

Berkeley is actually the city on the opposite side of the bay bridge from San Francisco. Great place with open minds, public transportation system, suberb cuisine plus a great free-thinking university.

University of California Berkeley is like a place no other. Situated between Oakland and San Francisco, there’s barely a scarcity of events for any type of student. If you want laid-back and casual time much like me, you could meet up with your pals in your dormitories or perhaps at one of the libraries there. Additionally you can see a few of the local spots there, including the streets packed with specialty restaurants, stores and bars, merely outside the campus grounds. There aren’t that much of commercial chain merchants there, like California Pizza Kitchen but if you ask me, I think it lets preserve the essence of the place.

This particular university, widely known as Cal, features a extremely lively student body. The Free Speech Movement occurred there and by merely strolling around the university grounds, you will definitely get the impression of camaraderie plus a tremendous pride in school spirit. Sporting events are undoubtedly a vital aspect of this institution. There are plenty of sports teams that you can join, and if perhaps you’re not really into that, you’ll certainly get to experience the sensations tailgating and joining Bonfire Rally, which is attended by the majority of the student population, families, alumnus and strangers that may turn out to be a good friend in the future. While we do need to accomplish each of our responsibilities inside the classroom, we as well devote equal energy into our extra-curricular activities. This you are able to positively enjoy come breaks.

If you are an incoming freshmen, you’ll are able to lodge at one of many housing establishments inside the university. University of California Berkeley helps make it better and much more relaxed for college students to move around. One can find plenty of car parking areas if you plan to bring your own car but it does seem such a throw away not to talk a walk around to better see the Redwoods and natural decorations scattered throughout the university. It is especially breathtaking come early spring, when everything is in bloom as well as sun is out. And don’t stress about being all alone, strolling back to your dorm late at night. The security guards rove the campus 24 / 7.

My most favorite thing in Cal is the people. It is very easy to meet new people but what I noticed in this university is that you will get to know a lot of kooky, enthusiastic, smart and eclectic people. Just the sheer collective attitude of the student population will motivate you to improve yourself and more importantly, lead you to success. Up until now, I have maintained a lot of friendships even after we all graduated.

Nature, history, sporting events and people. What else could you ask for in an university? And so go on out to North California to experience first-hand the wonderful place called University of California Berkeley.

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