Why Your Child Should Attend Pre School


We all know that our child’s education matters. However, to what extent they do is something that we don’t all agree. Another point of disagreement is, at what stage should your kids start schooling.

While the first point of education kids get, is from their parent or guardian, regarding formal/semi-formal education, the preschool comes first. While some might enroll the child in childcare first, this might not be right for your kid.

Preschools offer your child certain advantages, that are highlighted in this post.

It Promotes Your Kid’s Language Skills

According to Great Schools, the vocabulary of a child increases from 900-2,500 words between the ages of 3-5. Thus, it would serve your kid better to be in an environment where learning is paramount. Teachers in preschool use conversational techniques to help children build their vocabulary in a fun manner.

Unique Opportunity for Child Growth

For a lot of kids, preschool is their first taste of life outside the comfort zone of their parent’s care. This means, your child, for the first time experiences the fundamentals of learning, interact with teachers, play with other kids, etc. These actions would soften the ground for your child when they begin actual schooling.

Helps Your Kid Improve Cognition

The activities that your kid gets to engage in, while in preschool would improve the child’s cognition. In preschool, your child is involved in activities that would encourage him/her to ask questions, observe, and solve problems innocuously.

Teachers in Albuquerque preschool understand that children might not naturally grasp relevant concepts like an adult would, so they introduce these concepts comically or dramatically to get the kids attention.

Social and Emotional Development

According to Healthy Children, at three your child is ready to begin to form social relationships with people outside the family. He can start new friendships with classmates or have a special relationship with the teacher.

Children also learn a little about the social structure at this age. Though preschool can be informal compared to an actual school, the kid would understand the place of authority and order less formally.

Children Learn to Be Independent

For the first time, the child is removed from the comfort zone of the home where there is always a familiar face around. Though it might be tough at first, your kid in a preschool gets to taste independence.

These benefits and more is what the best preschools in Albuquerque would offer your kid.

The author is a founder of one of the best preschools in Albuquerque with a mission to provide a secure and nurturing environment for children to learn and develop into confident and independent individuals. For more details, visit http://www.lilsquirrels.com