Developing More Advanced Tools For E-Learning

The company that provides various e-learning solutions also undertakes articulate story development for online and mobile courses. For the beginners it is a very simple software. Selecting the best mobile course development vendors is very important for the success of any e-learning course. In order to identify the best authoring tool, on has to consider the following aspects –

Nature of learning – game based or animation and interactivity based

Purpose of the course

Whether the course will have branching scenarios

Are there any custom inclusion programming or inclusion of data-driven application

Does it require custom menu

Whether the course will be distributed across various platforms

Whether glossary is to be included

How to make a better graphic design

Who is developing the course

The solution providers for programs offer a wide variety of options for the custom e-learning courses. The technology, tools and the process that are used by the service providers are for the purpose of creating the best internet-based solutions. The Mobile course development vendors ensure more knowledge and skills to the learners of the program so that it will be useful in their careers as well as personal lives. They also ensure a positive effect on the financial performance of the organization.

Articulate storyline development was started when Articulate created the new product called Storyline as one among the various tools. This development has created a lot of excitement among the numerous e-learning developers and there are a lot of anticipations also. The main part of the Storyline’s interface is the slide view. This is the place where the e-learning scenes are gathered. The slide view can have any number of layers. The Timeline is another feature of Storyline that provides time for the various elements to happen such as a picture to appear or a song to play.

Introduction of Storyline

Education with the help of the electronic media and information technology is known as e-learning. E-learning technology is used in both learning and teaching. The computer-assisted instructions are very important in e-learning. This facility enables people from any part of the world to study with the help of a computer with access to the internet. With the emergence of thousands of online tutorials, students are able to attend the classes online from their homes instead of going out to the institutions. Many universities and institutions are now conducting e-i programs. Hence, the e-learning process is now in need of more power and more advanced tools. The tools provided by Articulate are found easier to use when compared to various other tools for e-learning. In the long process of development of various advanced tools, the introduction of storyline is a very significant development.


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