Understand How People React Emotionally to Channel Emotions Positively

You need to be clued in to what another person is feeling to get a positive reaction. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or service, or are simply trying to convince a workplace senior that you have the capability to handle greater responsibility; your chances are next to nil, if the other person is getting irritated by your pitch. Quite often, our success in life, certainly in our professional life or business life depends on how well we understand the feelings of other people, and can handle our own emotions.

Scratch Beneath the Surface

Whenever you come up against dissonance at the workplace, scratch beneath the surface to understand what is causing it. Once you recognize, understand, and know how to manage emotions – your own and others – you’re on the winning path. Otherwise, you should sign up for an emotional intelligence training course. This will create self-awareness of how the events in our lives impact us, and how and why we react to events at work, at home, and in life.
Often, we tend to feel that by experiencing or displaying joy or happiness; sadness and pain; fear; anger; guilt; or shame, we are displaying undesirable weakness. That is not so. You must analyze how your emotions represent you as a person, and then use that knowledge to strengthen your persona.

Make Your Emotions Work for You

When you boost emotional intelligence, you begin to understand what you’re feeling and why, what your emotions are trying to tell you. It will also make you watch people carefully to observe their reactions. Suppose you observe a grimace when you’re talking of something; do a quick mental calculation as to what could have caused it, and modify your pitch accordingly. Just keep in mind that emotions are triggers of both actions and reactions. Therefore, analyze the consequences of behavior- not just its triggers – before you seek to modify it.
The true winners in life know how to channel emotions to achieve positive outcomes. When you do so, you exude a steady, calm, collected, and secure persona that automatically generates confidence in others. Your aim is to garner a positive response in others regardless of whether it is a professional situation or personal one.

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