Use Difference of Opinion to Inspire Creative Solutions

Wrangles at the work place are nothing new. It becomes a headache when resentment becomes a roadblock to achieving desired results. For a manager, it means having to bring together the warring factions to work as a team. These scenarios can be unpleasant. Unless something is done early, and effectively, to resolve the conflict, it could become an issue that threatens the very survival of a business or organization. On a personal level, it could threaten a precious relationship.

Resolve Differences Tactfully, and Skillfully

As a person as well as a professional, you must have strong conflict resolution skills to convert all the negative energy built up by divergences of opinion and perspective into positive energy, which throws up creative solutions. Maintain a polite, calm, and sincere attitude with irate colleagues to impress upon them that you’re not discounting their grievances, but desire an amicable resolution to ensure smooth functioning at work, and achievement of targets. You’ll need to resolve conflicts to overcome stress, poor outcomes, and consequent loss of productivity. It will probably require you to draw upon all your skills and tact, but will be worth it in the long-term.

Delve into the root causes:

Conflict resolution will not be possible unless you delve into the root cause of the conflict. If somehow you do stop the conflict without doing so, it will be an uneasy truce at best. The best conflict resolution strategies involve recognizing that a flare up is imminent, and bringing that situation under control. Once you’ve identified the warning signs of a potential spat, you must diffuse the situation without delay to avert long-term damage.

Identify Key Issues at Stake

Listen attentively to the people who are at variance to understand what lies at the core of the conflict. Ensure that the people who are involved arrive at a solution that is acceptable to all concerned. When you stay detached and calm, it rubs off on your team. It enables them to think calmly, and work closely with you to improve communication with each other. That will lead them to cooperate, and become each other’s strength instead of each other’s enemy. In all this, don’t forget to impress upon them the consequences of continued conflict – for the company, and for them. Likewise the benefits of resolving conflict amicably are immense.

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