You’re Guide to becoming a Yoga Instructor

The popularity of yoga has been increasing across the globe every day. An ancient practice for meditation and healthy living from India, it has now found a following among people from all over. The demand for expert yoga training has become so relevant that practitioners have begun turning it into a career! After all, what can be more fulfilling that keeping you happy and healthy while also earning a good living. However, it does require some effort to becoming a successful yoga instructor. Here are 5 tips to make it big by becoming a yoga instructor.

1. Strengthening your network

First of all, you will need to know people who would be interested in taking up lessons. It could include people from your college, your office, your neighborhood and anywhere else. Unless you have a following, I will be hard to make a good start. If you are undergoing a yoga teacher training, it will help if you also put your efforts into building a community or a forum. Your first batch of pupils won’t get hard to register!

2. Get a certification

You need to ensure that the yoga training institute you are attending will also certify you at the end of the course. This is essential as people are highly conscious about who they train under. Being a certified yoga teacher gets you both the credibility and the following. You might also think in the lines of getting yourself registered with Yoga Alliance. This will help if you are applying for the position of a yoga teacher in a bigger institution.

3. Get registered

To become a registered yoga teacher, you will need to complete a minimum of 75 hours of continued education for three year duration. Also, you will need to have a teaching experience of a minimum 45 hours in addition to attending 30 hours of classes. There are several advanced credentials that you should continuous aim at to grow in this career. It’s just like keeping on progressing with Karate or any other art form.

4. Teach privately online and offline

A fit man who regularly practices yoga isn’t necessarily a great teacher also. It would help if you can start small with weekend classes for neighbors or local kids. This both helps your growth as a teacher and gains a following. The moment you feel comfortable teaching others, it time you take your training services to a more professional level.

5. Be a follower yourself

A career in yoga is just the same as any other art form. The deeper you go into it, the more confidence your get in your training. Becoming a yoga instructor isn’t easy but the job has huge perks. Also know that there’s never an end to learning!

The author has been working as a Yoga instructor in a reputed institution for more than 5 years. He loves to share information related to yoga teacher training in Sydney in his blog. Read to know more.