Some Tips When Leveling Your Warrior As Arms Spec

The Arms skill tree makes it possible for specialization with two-handed weapons. This can be mainly a PVP tree, but with all the changes in Wrath from the Lich King, Arms has even turn out to be a great leveling and instancing skill tree.

The highlights of this spec are Mortal Strike and Enhanced Overpower. I’d advise discovering a wonderful two-handed weapon and specializing in that as well, regardless of whether it be axe, sword, or mace (axe is the top for leveling due to the fact with the extra critical strike bonus).

You’re primary goal whilst leveling, if leveling with Arms, is to get Mortal Strike. It carries a 6 second cooldown and does lots of destruction to mobs. Also make sure you pick up a skills referred to as Tactical Mastery. Given that you’ll be switching back and forth from Battle Stance to Berserker Stance, this talent will let you to retain up to 25 rage.

As you level past 40, you possibly can start picking up the goodies down in the bottom in the tree. It can be certainly worth it to go all of the way down and get Bladestorm. Every one particular and a half minutes you are able to pull 3-4 mobs and pop Bladestorm, rapidly wiping them out and speeding up your leveling and questing time.

Your major attack sequence will likely be Charge, then you may Mortal Strike. Right after this you possibly can do one of two factors. Either you are able to rend the mob and wait for Hunger for Blood to turn into active which means you can dish out some crit-heavy Overpowers or you possibly can swap to Berserker Stance and spam Whirlwind and Mortal strike when it is back up.