The Anatomy of an Amazing Showreel Production

There are times when a presentation or production needs a fully complete product, where everything is in place already. Whether you don’t have time to put into building a presentation from scratch, or you don’t have the skills or equipment and software to put together your own video, there are solutions available that will still enable you to put together an amazing presentation without a lot of effort. These prebuilt videos are called “showreels”.

While being able to put together your own production or presentation from scratch certainly works well for a completely custom end product, being able to use showreels and other stock video footage to put together your presentation saves a lot of time and headaches. Showreels are usually a lot more economical than trying to put together a complete production since everything in a show reel is completed. Not only has the reel already been edited together, including the music tracks, all of the legalities have been completed as well. You’ll only have one set of rights to purchase, instead of having to ensure you’ve got rights for every part of your product.

Essentially, a showreel is a totally finished video. It has multiple clips already put together in a very powerful presentation, as well as all the music and effects. All of the rights for the clips used are included and the rights for the music are included as well meaning you don’t have to track down all the different copyrights associated with the video. The clips are already edited together using professional production values, ensuring that the showreel you use will be totally professional and will look great. Since you’ve got the rights to the entire showreel, with a little editing, you can use either part or all of the showreel in your presentation and customize it to your needs.

Take a look at all the great showreels available and see just how easily you can incorporate them into your presentation or production. Being able to save time and money by using showreels means you can put together your presentation or movie for a lot less than you may have budgeted. And being able to use a prebuilt video means you don’t have to invest a lot of time in editing and production. You’ll be amazed at the wide array of reels that are available, and how easy you’ll be able to take advantage of the finished products that you won’t need to edit at all.

When Bret Hodge wanted to use a showreel for a video presentation he was working on, he knew that a little research could go a long way into getting a quality clip. Whether it’s HD video or news footage you need, BBC Motion Gallery has one of the largest and most respected stock footage collections anywhere.