The Way of life of the Rich and Famous – Rappers Edition

It’s no query which the lifestyle of rappers is actually the envy of a lot of guys, even though they do not want to be honest. What is not to adore? They’ve millions of bucks, fame, women, cars, houses and jewelry. Rappers nowadays possess so much money that they can afford to blow it on something absurd like a $300,000 Lamborghini or a $50,000 Rolex watch watch with out to think twice. For them, they buy high listed hot away jewelry as well as unique cars is because it is a status symbol. It’s a reminder to the world that they’re famous and knowning that popularity arrives money.

Because of the money and the fame they have, they have a tendency to appeal to women, plenty of all of them. And because they have money, popularity as well as the adore of women, these people attract attention from additional guys who would like to live which way of life and are prepared to spend something for it.

The lifestyles of rappers are no question a highly sought after image. Look at the achievement of P. Diddy along with Sean Jean. People want to look like him or her, they need to act like him plus they even want to scent like him. This is exactly why his cologne is doing so well as well as making him or her hundreds of thousands more. Guys tend to be prepared to pay hundreds for hip hop clothes and accessories simply because that’s the price they have to spend to have that same picture. Luckily for them, not all things have to cost an equip as well as a leg to get the image which rappers have.

Consider for instance rap jewelry. Rap jewelry consists of a few of the most over the top iced out jewelry known to man. Sufficient is not in the book of rap bling. An iced out pendant can price anywhere between $2000 to $20,000. An hot away string can cost up to $30,000 as well as an hot away watch can cost more than a house! We’re not joking, some of these types of items are ridiculously expensive.

Luckily, innovative retailers such as hip hop bling can provide the exact same looking high finish rap jewelry for a lot less. This is because instead of platinum or white gold jewelry, rap bling offers jewelry that is created using a long lasting strong metal primary, compared to plated along with silver or rhodium as well as hand polished to perfection. This gives the same look and feel of platinum or even white gold jewelry. Furthermore, HipHopBling’s jewelry is made from high quality gemstones, that imitate the look and sparkle of real expensive diamonds. This dramatically decreases the price of this particular jewelry, and do not get this particular jewelry confused with the typical fake jewelry the thing is in shopping mall carts and what not. Hip hop bling’s jewelry is actually high quality and made with pride. You now can get the same look and image of rappers without having to spend every cent you have.

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