Top 5 Family Things to do in Kansas City

Set in the heart of Missouri, the beautiful city of Kansas is a fun spot for your entire family. The city boasts of intriguing culture completing its rich history. The top 5 Family Things to do in Kansas City star the following:

National World War I Museum and Memorial aka Liberty Memorial

This palace like structure with memoirs of the great warriors is a “must see” sight. There is always a new story at Liberty memorial with its trade exhibitions. Remember to check out the latest events starring at the palace before your visit. Regular visiting hours start at 10 am closing at 5 pm.

Kansas City Zoo

Majestic species from Australia, Africa and America brighten your children’s mood in the Kansas City zoo. A well maintained 200 acre property is home to polar bears, tigers, kangaroos, hippopotamus, crocodiles and many more.

World of Fun with Ocean of Fun

It is an amusement park which leaves fun impressions on children and adults. It is just what you expect from an amusing park. It has fun filled rides and games. Plus, it provides access to adjacent water park, i.e. ocean of fun. This is among ideal Family Things to do in Kansas City as it helps you bond with your family while enjoying one of the best time of your life.

Starlight Theatre

Enjoy Broadway shows and concerts at renowned Kansas theatre. You must experience Starlight theatre’s classic plays and lyrical concerts. It is imperative that you pre-plan and book your show for having a comfortable visit. Your romantic time coupled with family fun here is coupled with delicious food catered by efficient diners.

Country Club Plaza

It is an inspirational setting for architectural minds. The plaza beams with unusual landscaping which complements uniquely designed fountains. It is your ideal shopping destination in Kansas City. Whether it is souvenirs, clothes, shoes or anything else you can get it here. This is women’s favorite Family Things to do in Kansas City. Try to visit the plaza during the art fair for adding another feather in your hat.

Top Family Things to do in Kansas City includes history, entertainment, games and shopping. You can flag these places in your list and make the most of your time in the beautiful city of Kansas. Additionally, everyone enjoys the natural views of the city by the Missouri river.

Planning for a trip to Kansas City? Great! But before you pack your bags, read the article to know the family things to do in Kansas City to make your trip a memorable one.