What Should I know about Buying a tv

Trying to determine how to buy TV? First thing you’ll have to do is choose the size of the screen. If you’re replacing a tube TV with a large screen, you may not see that you may have to get a bigger TV than what you already have. For your primary HD TV you may want to get a 37 inch or bigger. If you’re looking from eight feet or more we urge at-least a fifty In. screen.

If you want to buy TV, then your next decesion is, rather to buy a LCD HDTV or a plasma television? Most LCD HDTVs have bright screens with minimal glare, which is why there good for well lit rooms. Bright light LCD HDTVs panels actual absorb the light so you hold your contrast whereas plasma televisions reflect all the light and you lose the contrast & your dark levels become brighter. But, in some areas LCD HDTVs is still caughting up to plasma televisions.. One downside is the viewing angle. With LCD HDTVs as you move off from the center of the screen the colors decline in quality. Either way it will look washed out, colors don’t look accurate or the image itself just doesn’t look all that good. Another drawback with LCD HDTVs is reproducing deep black levels. on some sets, what should be a black screen is gray.

Thinking about buying a 3D HDTV? Let’s now test 3D HDTVs. In our findings we find that plasmas do it better as differ to their LCD HD cousins for 3D HDTVs. Primarily cause there is double images and less ghosting on the HDTV.

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