Why There Are No More Super Producers ?

In early 2000’s, the music business, specifically the communities of hiphop and rnb, resulted in the emanation of what we call the “super music producers”, accounting for leaders: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins or The Neptunes.

What is considered to be a “super producer”? Okay, the best interpretation of their difference with a “simple” producer would take on the example of what we call a “supermodel” in fashion, just like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or even Naomi Campbell.
You know these famous models as well as anybody else and you can see them on almost all the catwalks. In simple terms: safe values.

This was the same in the music business: there have been “big” producers, risk free, that driven almost all the projects and also were desired by the most well recognized singers and also rappers. This is really better for a record label to utilize a greatly admired music producer in comparison to a newcomer. The widely known one offered a large number of successful singles, in principle. Simply because at that moment for the most part big music producers sold discs.

However, the music industry, since the start of the decade has totally changed. To begin with, most people don’t really purchase cd anymore.

As a result the record labels invest a lot less budget for a project. And without a doubt, record labels are not wishing to spend money between $ 100 000 to $ 300 000 for one single beat, as was the condition in times of the golden age of music producers.
The discs tend to not sell and web grows. To deal with illegitimate downloading of their artists, record companies develop or connect with statutory download platforms and just try to enforce their visibility in this online scene, that has been getting away their control for a long time.

But the rise of the web has additionally made possible the coming up of loads of anonymous producers as good as, if not quite as good as, “Super Producers”.

All of these producers have focused on the developments of the Internet, which has helped these to sell their beats online. Allowing them to reach and also work with performers on any nearby scale as well as an intercontinental one. A producer from Atlanta is now able to try to sell beats to anybody in Japan. It is now perfect for them to gain a good respectability with a career.
For the artists, this makes an enormous difference! They can buy beats online in their house for their album, EP or even mixtape for affordable prices; definitely not those practiced by the “super producers”.

Record labels pay a particular interest on this modern sector. They buy beats online as well. And most recently we could see that a number of these internet producers are obtaining signed by majors.

The great era of super producers just like the years of super models goes away slowly but surely, revealing way to this brand new business driven by producers who, quite often, have absolutely nothing to envy to the “super producers”.

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