When it comes to falls in the bathtub, usually seniors or the disabled come to mind. Yet according to the United States Center for Disease Control each year over two hundred thousand teenagers and adults have slip and fall accidents in the tub. You do not have to be elderly or disabled to get injured in the bathtub. That is why Maryland walk in bathtubs make sense for everyone.

Walk in tubs have many benefits. They are safe, convenient and therapeutic. There is nothing like a bath at the end of a hard day. Doctors and therapists have acknowledged the calming effect that soaking in warm water has on the body and mind. With a walk in tub, users can enjoy the benefits without the risks of regular bathtubs.

The tubs are attractively designed to fit into any bathroom decor. The pictures found on websites show the improvement made by installing a walk in tub. After you get the tub installed, you will wish you had done it much sooner. The luxury of bathing takes on a brand new experience.

Some of the designs feature ten hydro jets that have therapeutic benefits. The speed and pressure of the jets are adjustable to suit your personal taste. Other designs feature an air therapy system that creates millions of little bubbles that cover the entire body. The micro bubbles act as a natural exfoliant and provide a spa like experience.

Regardless of what is causing joint pain, tense muscles or any type of body ache, fifteen minutes in one of these baths will make all the difference. People who suffer from sciatica or arthritis really appreciate the soothing feeling. This is actually good for the body.

Bathers with sensitive skin will appreciate the anti scalding feature. It is always a good idea to have bars or grab on to when getting out of a wet tub. The tub is made of material that is anti bacterial and mold resistant. Special financing can facilitate your purchase. Do not put if off any longer.

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