A lot of people around the world have pet/s. They can be any animal; monkeys, porcupines, dogs, cats, parrots, parakeets, elephants, pandas, skunks, frogs, snakes, crabs, fish anything can be a pet. Whether you see someone with a Labrador or someone with a parrot that chirps sassy quotes, a lot of people have a pet. Doesn’t it pop a question in your head: why do pets make people smile? What is it about pets that make people grin with happiness? What is about these creatures that give people that energy they need?

Whether you want to know more about animals in Australia or animals in the Philippines, there are many things about animals you can learn just by Googling about them. You’ll find many results to the things you want to learn about in animals. You may also go to your local bookstore and get a book or magazine about animals. You’ll find tons of books about animals there; from the anatomy of frogs to the ecosystem of the fish in the sea, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from the condensed materials.

The first dog of the bunch is a Siberian husky. His name is Billy. Billy the Husky is a very calm dog. He might look scary but once you get acquainted with him, he’s actually very cuddling. I had to make sure I was friendly at first with him because he really looked scary. A few hours later, he was lying down on my foot wanting me to pet him. Aww so cute. The second dog of the bunch is a Labrador. Her name is Aubrey. Aubrey the Labrador is a hyper-active. When I say hyper-active, I mean she’s always on high energy. The minute I go out of the house, she’ll run up to me and beg me to play with her. She just loves to play fetch so for 10 minutes a day, I’ll play fetch with her. She likes to fetch her favorite bone and chew toy. She can leap high for the toy and the bone.

The last dog of the bunch is a Rottweiler. His name is Max. Max the Rottweiler is the aloof dog of the bunch. He’s not quite cuddly or playful. He does let you pet him so I guess he’s friendly in some way. But the person he’s most cuddly to be my grandmother. I guess Max is very protective of his owner. So these three dogs make up the pack my grandmother owns. It’s an eccentric and weird bunch of dogs; you got a calm but cuddly dog, a hyper-active dog and a subtly-protective dog. They may not look like they get along but you’re dead wrong; I see them play and chill on the sunny days in the countryside. I see them chase down any cats that try to infiltrate the home. I’m really amazed by this dynamic trio. I spent a good amount of time playing with them during my visit.

So whatever pet you have with you, remember the reasons they make you smile. They’re might be more reasons than the ones listed here so always remember. Even the littlest thing that makes you smile about your pet is good enough.

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