Animal Behavior: Why Does My Dog Do That?

Chewing, barking and jumping are just three annoying habits that dogs often display, and these are just a few negative behaviors that dogs might exhibit. Running away or darting off when the front door is open and urinating in inappropriate places are just a few more items that trouble owners. While you want to enjoy your pet, when these behaviors are present, it can be difficult. Sometimes it is important to understand why dogs behave the way that they do.

While each dog is an individual, there are many common reasons why these animals misbehave. Sometimes it’s simply a lack of good training, but sometimes a dog is bored or perhaps lonely and scared. While people usually can handle being alone for a while, dogs have a pack instinct and they don’t like to be separated from their pack, which is your family. When the family is away, dogs can become quite upset. In addition, many dogs need tons of daily exercise and if they are cooped up in the house, this leads to boredom which can lead to destructive behavior. A couple of good long walks and some playtime often can cure boredom-based misbehavior.

An anxious animal also can exhibit behavior problems. Sometimes a dog chews on things to relieve boredom, but sometimes it actually is anxiety that causes this behavior. If you are not home, your dog is lonely and perhaps very worried, and chewing can be a way to self-soothe. This is an instinctual behavior, after all. You might consider providing your dog with a toy to chew on or perhaps placing a soft mat in a dog crate and leaving your pet there when you are gone. Dogs tend to feel secure in crates and it does prevent destruction of your home when you are away.

Even if you understand why a dog is acting the way he is acting, it certainly doesn’t decrease your level of frustration when you come home and find your home transformed into a disaster area. Finding a way to stop problems before they occur is important, and the best way to do that is to train your dog how to behave in the first place.

Dog training is important for several reasons, and it is important to note that being proactive with training prevents problems. If you come home to a scratched up or chewed up house, you’re are going to be upset, but your dog really is not going to understand why, even if you drag the offending dog over to the chewed up sofa, point and say, “bad, dog.” They don’t really make the connection between your anger and something they did hours earlier. In addition, a dog that understands his limits and obeys commands will be safe in a multitude of situations and will be a happier animal in general simply because the owner is happy with them.

You do need to be patient and persistent with training, but it really isn’t difficult to train a dog. They naturally want to please you, so you already have an enthusiastic student. If you purchase a dog training DVD program with clear instructions, it can be easy to teach all of the basic commands. The Dog’s Way is a dog training system that provides twelve lessons that include everything from teaching a dog to sit, stay and lie down to understanding temporary and permanent boundaries. In addition to the DVD lessons, there are even helping training cards you can take on walks and a workbook with helpful tips. Within a few weeks, your dog will be well trained, happy and safer and your family will truly enjoy their furry friend.

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