Bedroom Aids For The Elderley Make The Bedroom Safer For Everyone

Bedroom aids for the elderley such as adjustable beds, safety rails, foot stools to get into and out of bed, make for a safer living environment. Many accidents happen in the home especially for older people. If a few safety precautions are put in place, the chance of accidents can be greatly reduced.

As men and women get older, their bodies become weaker and more susceptible to injury. If an older man or woman falls there is a good chance that a serious injury such as a hip fracture will occur. A handrail placed along the hallway can help prevent a serious injury because the older person can hold onto the rail for support while walking.

Many older women and men suffer from digestive ailments such as acid reflux which can irritate the throat. When a person with acid reflux lays down, the acid from the stomach flows back into the esophagus and causes irritation preventing the person from getting a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed can help a person get the rest he or she needs without worry about acid reflux.

Many falls occur when an older man or woman tries to get into or out of a bed that is higher than hip level. A step stool placed at the foot of the bed can help prevent falls because the older man or woman will have the necessary leverage to get into bed or out of bed.

If the bed is higher than hip level, a step stool placed at the foot of the bed will allow the older woman to safely climb onto the bed. For added protection, use a foot stool that has an extension with a hand rail so that the older woman is able to steady herself as she steps onto and off the step stool. Many older people are on medication that might cause dizziness.

If on older man or woman is taking medication that can cause dizziness it is a good idea to train them to wait at least one minute before rising out of bed. If the person tries to get out of bed too soon, she can become confused and dizzy and fall on the ground. The older person should be instructed to count out loud to sixty before attempting to leave her bed.

The older man or woman sometimes has trouble dressing her or himself. This is why there are many clothing options for the older man or woman such as shoes that do not require lacing and clothes that need no buttons for fastening. There are devices such as clothes hooks that allow an older man or woman dress without having to stand up.

Bedroom aids for the elderley, make life easier and safer for the elderly man and woman who is more susceptible to accidents and falls. Creating a safe haven for the older man or woman is worth the expense, which is quite reasonable. Safety devices can help save the life of an older man or woman.

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