Best Gazebo Spots

Gazebos are well-known for their beauty and function. However, where you decide to place one can make all the difference. Here are the best choices!

Of all the places to put your gazebo the garden is always among the top choices. For enjoying the scent and view of your flowers in the shade nothing can beat it. The fact that it is an open structure also lets cool breezes pass through so you can defeat the heat while reading, having a cup of tea, or conversing with friends. To create an even more natural space you can plant climbing vines so that they will inch up to the roof top over time.

If you have a water feature in your yard or on your patio this is yet another fantastic area for your gazebo. Ornamental fish owners often use them as a place to sit, watch, and feed their fish which is out of the sun. The sound of running water is so relaxing that you can also use your gazebo as a place to meditate and forget about the stresses of the daily life.

For those who own a swimming pool, you’re in luck because these outdoor structures can make the perfect poolside hideaway. Whether you choose to use it to take a swim break in the shade, grab some lunch, or just take a nap it is a phenomenal spot. Parents in particular appreciate being able to sit and read a book or just recline while keeping a watchful eye on swimming kids all without having to deal with harmful UV rays.

Another great option is to use one above your hot tub or outdoor spa. While some consumers choose to install gazebo kits, there are also specially made hot tub gazebos. Either one can be used to create a private and even romantic area for taking a bubbly dip. They also are ideal for blocking out the bright sun and rain so you can use your hot tub just about whenever you want.

An area most homeowners overlook, is one of the most useful. A patio gazebo placed over your outdoor kitchen can allow you, your family, and guests to keep cool and have fun while eating outdoors no matter what the weather. These can be especially helpful for whoever does the majority of the cooking since they will no longer have to be at the mercy of the elements.

Be sure to consider these spots for gazebo success. If you do you won’t be disappointed. From the garden to the outdoor kitchen they work like charm!

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