Why Family Mediation Is Considered As The Better Response To Family Strife?

Did You Know?

– There are 100 Divorces Every Hour in the U.S
– The World’s Most Expensive Divorce Was Estimated at US$2.5 Billion
– In America, the divorce rate for a first marriage is around 41%. The divorce rate for a second marriage is 60%. The divorce rate for a third marriage is 73%

Divorces are stressful and can cause also sorts of emotional and physical problems ranging from headaches, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, psychosomatic illnesses and other ailments. Anger and disappointment are common feelings that may arise during divorce negotiations. In fact, many times the couples have a hard time communicating with each other about settling divorce issues such as division of property, child custody, visitation and spousal and child support issues.

To make their divorce process easier and stress free, a number of couples are opting for divorce mediation in Manchester to resolve their divorce issues in order to avoid the stress of a costly and lengthy divorce trial.

What is a Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that is used to resolve issues between couples and other family members. The mediation process allows both parties to have confidential dialogue and to reach an agreement between the disputants with the assistance of a mediator.

Below are the reasons that clearly states “Why Family Mediation is considered as The Better Response for Family Strife?”


Rather than addressing relationship issues through a legal conflict in a court, couples prefer using mediation service to resolve all issues through confidential discussions in a private conference room. Family Mediation Service in Manchester is an ideal option for anyone who is concerned about the public release of personal details and especially for parents, business owners and professionals.


Over 95% of all divorce cases end with an agreement after the parties have spent many thousands of dollars and more than a year in and out of court. Mediation allows parties to resolve issues without the delay of other approaches. On average, mediated outcomes are reached in 1/3 of the time of non-mediated outcomes.

Better Outcomes:

When a judge makes a ruling, he/she is bound to rule within certain parameters of the law. But by opting for family mediation service, the parties may reach their own agreements that are much broader, so long as they are mutually acceptable and do not violate public policy. Family mediation service is the best option for any couples who want a family-tailored result rather than a court-imposed decision.

Overall, Mediation Offers Many Intangible Benefits Such As:

– Mediation is more private and confidential than litigation
– Mediation is generally faster, smoother, and less expensive than litigation
– Parent-child relationships are strengthened, rather than strained, by mediation
– Mediation allows you to get on with your life more quickly
– Parties are more satisfied with terms they agree to in mediation than terms imposed by a court

Sometimes you need a helping hand to get back on track when things have got a little out of control. When dealing with any kind of dispute you may unfortunately find that you are at deadlock and no further negotiation can be agreed, get help from Just Divorce Mediation in Manchester.

The Author is an experienced family mediator working in Just Divorce Mediation in Manchester. He compiled an easy-to-understand guide on how mediation process can facilitate finding solutions to family conflicts. For more details, click here.