Finding An Affordable Personal Defense Gadget For Your Needs

I have made a decision to equip myself with a self-defense weapon after a near-scare last week. However I don’t have much to spare by way of cash. I have to buy stun guns cheap however purchase one that will guard me adequately.

I still need to get comfortable with a unit that can induce short-lived discomfort and other physical effects even though I love stun devices for being non-fatal. Besides, I was told these do not leave permanent injury. My aim, in the event that caught in a dangerous situation, is to get away. A stun gun will be my tool.

Two guys emerged from the shadows on my way home. Of course, I was frightened witless and really thought it was the end of me. However, out of nowhere, another girl poked one of the guys with what turned out to be a stun weapon and he only shouted in pain and froze before going down. His buddy panicked and ran.

Teresa was heaven-sent, and her low voltage stun device, a lifesaver. As stun devices go, this does not have as much power as models with over one million volts, but it still packed a punch. And this, I spotted with my own eyes.

The minute my nerves settled, she showed me her Stun Master 100,000 volts curved stun gun. This appeared more like a shaver at 6 inches high than a weapon but, hey, this saved me! Teresa preferred it because of its gentle stunning effect that lowered, if not eliminated, accidental injury.

I’m kind of nervous about utilizing a stun device because it implies I am close enough to an enemy in order to have direct contact with him.

Contact with a vulnerable part of the body like the neck, shoulder, abdomen and also groin for one or two seconds is going to initially result in pain and then a loss of balance since the muscles become lax. Effects do not require long to wear off, dependent on how long electricity was applied.

Next mission: figure out where to buy stun guns cheap so I can learn how to use these.

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