For Outstanding Bamboo Flooring Salt Lake City Is Worth A Visit

Bamboo poles are among the materials used in the manufacture of floorings. The material is preferred because it exhibits certain properties that are suitable and beneficial to consumers. Currently, China and Asian countries are the biggest producers and suppliers of floorings manufactured from bamboo. When one needs a good bamboo flooring Salt Lake City is a good place to check out.

This material is perfect for the manufacture of floors because it has similar properties as true hard wood. It is very strong, hard, and durable. According to the Janka hardness test, they measure very highly with carbonized horizontal and natural measuring 1180 and 1380 respectively. Improvements in technology and production methods have led to more hardness of between 3000 and 5000 on the Janka hardness test. Usually it is harder than most hardwoods like white oak, Brazilian Cherry, rock maple, hickory, and red oak.

Other attractive properties of the product include natural resistance to moisture and insects. Unlike some kinds of wood, this product does not warp when exposed to moisture and it cannot be destroyed by insects. This improves durability. The eco-friendly nature of the floorings makes them very preferable. There is a global call for people to adopt and use eco-friendly products, and bamboo flooring is a winner in that regard.

Bamboo floorings are available in various varieties. People prefer the varieties differently both locally and internationally. They also vary in their methods of manufacture. Commonly available varieties are produced by slicing thin stems to produced strips of varied lengths. They strips must be very flat and they may be vanished or stained although some use them in their raw form. The strips are then pinned on bigger frames of wood using nails. They are very useful in summer because they allow free circulation of air.

Another method of production involves mature poles being sliced into strips. The strips vary in length accordingly. After slicing the exterior skin and nodes are eliminated. Sugar removal from the strips is then done by boiling them in solutions of boric acid or lime. Afterwards, the final commodity is produced by drying the strips and planing them. A darker coloration may be achieved by steaming under regulated pressure and heat.

Urea-formaldehyde is the adhesive used during the lamination process. The adhesive is used in very small quantities because it produces volatile organic compounds which may have a negative effect on indoor air quality. Other products such as particleboards use the adhesive in relatively higher amounts compared to these floors.

There are some floorings that avoid the use of urea-formaldehyde altogether. Curing of the adhesive is done using heat before the board can be planed, sanded, and milled. The final boards are cured using ultraviolet curing lacquer. Bamboo floors are usually available as planks with horizontal-grain or vertical-grain orientation.

Surfaces installed with horizontally oriented floorings usually show nodes in the poles. The locking kind is the easiest floor type to install. It contains interlocking joints which click into position in a seamless manner. Water moisturizes the surface and should not be placed in contact with the floor as part of the maintenance effort.

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