Get Excellent Pet Boarding Services At A Jacksonville Pet Care Facility

If you own a pet, there are times when you will not be able to care for it. An example is when you are away for a business trip or vacation. In such a situation, you can choose to use an animal boarding service. A facility that offers Jacksonville FL pet care services can provide proper care to your pet.

Animal boarding kennels are a great alternative to hiring home pet sitters. Good kennels provide high quality pet boarding services. They offer value added services like outdoor dog runs and socialization with other animals. They also vaccinate pets before they stay at the facility in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Pet boarding facilities usually charge a per night fee, but they can offer lowered rates for longer term stays such as one week or one month. The basic price includes the space occupied by a pet. For dogs, this is usually a small gated area that includes a place to eat and sleep. Some kennels have an outside area for dogs to play with other dogs or nap.

Good kennels walk dogs a number of times a day. The kennels of cats usually have a main floor with multiple levels and windows. They may also provide a common play area for cats that do not display behavioral problems. Kennels can also have a fenced outdoor area such as a deck or patio where cats can sleep or climb.

The staff members of most boarding kennels remain in the facilities on a twenty four hour basis. The boarding kennels may also have closed circuit television cameras. You can provide the staff of a boarding facility with food and ask them to feed your pet at specific times.

Most of your requests can be accommodated by a pet boarding facility. However, it may charge you more money if you request some services like preparing food in a specific way or administering oral medications. Good animal care facilities can also deal with emergency situations well.

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