Important Advice On Decorating Rustic Fireplace Mantels

An old look usually has a lot of inspiration and character to offer when featured in a room. A fireplace mantle is one of the possible areas in a house where such decoration blends in effortlessly. This makes the rustic fireplace mantels one of the most sort-after ways to spice up living rooms all over the world. This is because they tend to offer great character asides warming up the room and revealing to the eyes great elegance and beauty.

Old seasoned and rough edged timber taken from old barns and houses can be used to create a rustic feel when decorating a fireplace mantle with. They tend to look the rough and tough to the eye and touch making the mantle seems artless. Carvings can also be made in a bid to decorate the wood used. The wood can be of different varieties such as pine and white oak among many others.

A stone built mantle usually has much bucolic character. The earthly elements; bricks or stones can be loosely arranged in a pattern or random making the mantle look aged and a bit rough. The arrangement can also be made different shapes and patterns in order to achieve more traditional designs would give the fireplace a rustic look.

Pictures and art have sentimental value to everyone. They also have an aura to change the mood to a place. Therefore, wall hangings like pictures and art usually transforms a hearth from a post modern to a pre-modern hearth . A hanging of old pictures and art have an effect of making a fireplace more natural and aged.

Color inspires the feel to a place or room. Therefore, color of paint can change the look from a normal to old and rustic looking wall or mantle. Painting techniques applied to some colors like vintage white oak, red oak among others have an effect to make thing look old, rough and tough. Therefore, if the painting is done in the right way, the final outlook would be nothing less from natural.

Simple but elegant sculptures and ornaments that are little old and unfinished would do a better job in transforming a modern fireplace mantel to a rustic old looking one. Such include wood carvings, metal sculptures and ornaments like shells or other collectibles give a natural rustic feel to the fire place mantel.

A themed setting on top of a shelf or the mantle can make the hearth look more sylvan. A picture of a farm setting cut into stone or wood and artifacts from a certain place or country can make the mood be reminiscent to and old place. This will give a natural feel to mantle.

Therefore, since the rustic hearth mantels are sensitive and more characterized, it is important to be very precise while decorating. Overdoing the decoration makes the mantle look cluttered and messy. One should pay close attention to the looks while decorating. But since decoration is all about personal choices and preferences, there is also room left for innovation and creativeness.

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