Materials From A Smyrna Roof Replacement Company

Every home at some point has to have its rooftop replaced or repaired. This upgrading process may seem confusing. However, you can make it simpler by choosing a Smyrna roof replacement company that can show you the options available to homeowners today for improving the integrity and appearance of your rooftop. You do not have to reuse the materials already on your home. You also do not need to ignore the problem and hope that your home’s roofing will last for a few more years longer.

One of the first choices presented to you might be asphalt. Most companies have asphalt in their inventory because it is cheap, readily available, and one of the more popular options that people choose over other materials. Asphalt resists fire. It also has a gray color that gives your house a uniform look that will not clash with the color of your paint or siding.

Another option that your contractor may present you with is wood shingles. Wooden shingles are more upscale and are available in woods like pine, oak, and cherry. The shingles are treated to resist termites and warping because of moisture. They also are treated with chemicals that make them resistant to fire. Some insurers allow wood shingling. Others refuse to insure homes with this material.

One of the higher end choices available today would be ceramic tile. Ceramic comes from natural clay, usually harvested from states like Arizona or Oklahoma. The clay is fired to make a ceramic shingle that is then painted and polished for a decorative look. These tiles are available in a wide array of colors so you can choose a style that complements your siding or paint color.

More homeowners today are choosing foam rooftops. Foam is inexpensive, and it also is fire resistant. It can be applied quickly by spraying it on top of the house and being spread to cover the entire surface. It reflects the heat from the sun and does not absorb humidity or moisture.

Concrete also resists absorbing heat and moisture. It is heavier, however, and not a suitable choice for homes with flimsy structures. A house with a steel or metal frame or a thick foundation could do well with a concrete rooftop.

Your roof replacement company contractor in Smyrna might show you these options for upgrading or repairing your rooftop. You may find one that you can afford. You also have the freedom to choose one that matches your style goals.

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