New York Birth And Death Records Database

The death of an individual is one of the saddest things that we would hear. Sad as it may seem, such uneventful happening still has to be documented. The obituary section of a newspaper informs the readers about the death of an individual who resides in a state. In New York, the information about the death of an individual has been made open to the public. With the Freedom of Information Act implemented, New York death records can now be obtained by the local residents easily.

The death certificate in New York would contain the personal details about the person who died such as the complete name and the birth date. The document focuses on the details about the death of the person. One would know the place and the date as to when the person passed away. Additional information includes the names of the immediate relatives of the deceased.

The death of an individual can mean the end of the growth of a family line. Thus it is necessary to document such even to track one’s origin. Genealogy research is one of the primary uses of a death certificate. The information obtained from the said document is vita in updating the family tree. Aside from this, family members would not be able to process insurance benefits without presenting the certificate during the process. Furthermore, the widowed spouse may not be allowed to marry if he/she cannot present the death certificate of the late spouse.

The retrieval of a death certificate in New York would cost $30 per copy. Only deaths which have been registered since 1880 are available. A genealogy format of the document is only made available after the file has reached 50 years. The certificate is only given to the immediate family members of the deceased thus it is necessary to indicate one’s relationship with the deceased when requesting for the document.

Getting a copy of the document can be done is several places. Getting the unofficial information can be done by checking the obituary section of local newspapers. The certified document can be obtained from the office of the Vital Records Section in the Department of Health in New York. This office is situated at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Those who will use the document to conduct a genealogy research can go straight to the office of the State Archives and the personnel’s there would be able to assist you with your request. Requesting for the document through a mail order is also possible however; one is expected to wait for days. The county clerk office where the death of a person was registered is also another place to go to get a copy of the death certificate.

The state of New York is now utilizing the Internet o deliver information to the public. Obituary death notices are being published online for ease of access. People can easily get the needed information without exhorting much of an effort. Looking up information though the Internet has helped save time and energy since it can be done even without going to any offices. This is the reason why the busy people of New York prefer such option.

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