Procedure Of Unwanted Hot Tub Removal

Hot tub owners in Portland OR have over the years been mentored to either replace or sell their Jacuzzi which are not properly functioning. The removal process is not as hard as installing a new one but should be well planned so that you properly undertake your unwanted hot tub removal procedure. The work involved is usually half that of the installation process.

When thinking of removing your Jacuzzi, ask yourself whether you can repair it or whether you would rather have it disposed. In most cases, there have been reported many catastrophic maintenance and fixing issues. This occurs mostly in the cool areas of the city when the owners fail to winterize them. Therefore, you should think deeply so that you can have a rational judgment on whether you want to repair it or buy another one.

Rereading the manual is useful when it comes to removing your unwanted tub. This will juggle up your memory on the original construction of the plunge bath. You are supposed to have a full idea of how the electric wires are connected, how the heater was hooked up and so on. By doing so, you will not only ensure a successful removal but you will also be putting your own safety first.

Some of these hot tubs have high voltage electrical requirements. Therefore, prior to any efforts to remove it, you are supposed to think over the electrical service needs. You should make sure that there is no power running through the electrical wires. This can be achieved by unplugging the main electrical connection in the disconnection box that should be at close proximity to the whirlpool.

The next thing to do is to embark on the actual removal procedure. You will have to unplug the electrical connections including the gas connections, electricity and the heating systems. Here, it is safe to make sure that this is properly done because you can accidentally shock yourself while cutting the electric lines with your saw.

Disassembling the spa skirt should be the next thing to do. Some of these pools have their pieces put together by the use of screws. Therefore, to easily disconnect the components, use a screw driver so that you unwind the screws. If your hot bath is made of wooden slats that are connected using a groove and tongue, then you are better off because pulling them apart is relatively easier.

Cutting the actual hot tub is probably the most difficult part of the removal process. This is so because most of them are made of materials that are hard enough to last for long. It can be plastic or any other durable material. To cut it into smaller pieces, you will need the right gear and a jigsaw. A reciprocating saw will make you cutting work easy.

Cutting the Jacuzzi into smaller pieces makes their carriage from the house to the yard easy. It is important that you properly dispose them in a dumpster to keep the environmental effect at the low. It is significant you put on gloves and goggles so that you avoid causing injuries to your hand and keeping dust away from your eyes respectively.

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