Reasons Why Parents Should Have Child Monitoring Software

More and more people are getting access to the internet daily. This trend is not only limited to adults but is inclusive to youngsters as well. This is because of significant technological developments that have enabled many households to get access to the Internet. The need for parents to stay in touch with kids has warranted the purchasing of smart phones for them. While it is important to know what and where your kid is, it is more vital to control their activities on the phone as well. This prevents them from accessing adult sites, sending sexual content like nude selfies and interaction with strangers. Child monitoring software helps in this aspect.

The software allows parents to see what their kids are doing. Once installed on a gadget, it sends regular reports on issues like emails and texts, apps installed, contacts, photos, GPS locations as well as website history. The report appears on a set up online control panel. Some features allow one to view the screen of the phone in real time. The reasons below warrant this monitoring.

It is quite easy to enter adult websites. Today, it is very easy to access pornographic material online. This is because not much has been done to restrict kids from getting into these sites. Many lie about their age and already own Google accounts to prove their maturity. Other inappropriate materials accessed are gambling websites that expose children to this vice.

Kids meet other people in schools, parks, at the zoo or even during school tours. Since one cannot control whom their child interact with, they can monitor texts, emails and other social media messages remotely. This will enable them know when the adolescent is sending sexual content to other individuals and put a stop to it.

Children can easily fall victims to cyber identity theft when they give out vital personal information online. Many characters are out to compromise other identities for personal amusement or selfish interests. Such theft is very common on Facebook where many individuals give out too much information in their profiles. There are many viruses and Trojans that are downloadable onto a hard drive that immediately initiate identity theft actions.

The Internet is full of sexual predators who are out to trap vulnerable kids. They disguise their identity and befriend unsuspecting youngsters in social media chat rooms in a bid to exploit them. This is because many chat rooms allow users to stay anonymous thus making if fair ground for immoral characters to target potential victims.

Cyber bullying occurs where an individual is continually victimized online in social media sites. It has similar psychological effects to traditional forms of bullying the difference being the medium used to carry it out. Many cases go unreported and victims suffer in silence until they finally cave in to pressure and act out, sometimes with fatal consequences.

It is not physically and socially healthy for kids to spend too much time online. More and more youngsters prefer to spend their time surfing or chatting on social media sites. Parents need to discourage this attitude and push for more one on one interaction with people.

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