Rescued By The Bed Bug Dog

It seemed like bed bugs were simply a myth, or at least a pest that existed in the past in third world countries. The world changed, and no longer were these pests mentioned as a means to say goodnight. With world travel becoming limitless, their resurgence has become an important part of life in North America. People from all walks of life are dealing with infestations and how to treat them. One of the best ways comes with a specialized bed bug dog. While this canine is not meant to hunt them, it is an aid in the entire process.

Unfortunately, the citizens of Boston, MA have not been spared of these test infestations. In fact, many upscale hotels and affluent neighborhoods have become victims to these tiny bugs. As people travel abroad, they often bring back these pests in their suitcases. As such, people should take all the necessary precautions to avoid bringing them back.

In a motel or hotel, take the time to inspect the premises, with special focus on the bed area. Don\’t be shy to remove sheets to observe the mattress, which is a favored spot for bedbugs. They are usually found in the seams of the mattress. Also, be sure to check nearby furniture, such as the nightstand, the lamps, and any picture frames on the wall.

Leave personal items in the suitcase, on the luggage rack. When packing to return home, leave luggage outdoors for close inspection. Wash and dry clothes in the hottest possible setting without damaging them. Bedbugs are small, and can easily be missed unless their bellies are full with blood, which turns them a reddish-brown color.

If they reside in the home, there could be lots of trouble. The infestation can grow easily out of control unless thoroughly treated, and quickly so. The canine specialized in this field will sniff out these pests so that they can be successfully eradicated. The dog is one part of the overall extermination plan.

Their purpose is to guide the exterminator to their preferred hiding spots. Once uncovered, the rest of the treatment for extermination can be followed. Certainly, no one claims that this is an inexpensive part of the overall plan, but it can give people peace of mind.

Eradicating them will, unfortunately be a long and trying process. They are masters in hiding, and can live without resources for some time. Plus, their size enables them to get into the smallest of crevices, so they can be almost anywhere. They can hide in or behind furniture, walls, pillows, mattresses, and between cracks in hardwood floors.

Bedbugs do generally stay close to the bed because they are mostly nocturnal. While a host sleeps, that\’s when they become most active. While they aren\’t harmful, they are pests that disrupt life, and sleep. They leach on to a host and suck out blood, often leaving a rash and itch on the person. They are not to be underestimated, or left to be, as the situation will worsen, and quickly. In a multiple housing complex, it could spread easily to neighbors. That said, it\’s crucial to be diligent when buying used items, or when picking them up from the curb. Any item can be housing them.

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