Spring Garden Preparations In Winter

Most people get discouraged by the winter months since it dictates a more relaxed lifestyle, with no sunshine to keep them active and about. Usually only gardeners can get excited by this cold season, since it means time off of from planting last season’s garden so that they can prepare for spring flowers, even waiting excitedly for any new seeds in the mail. As long as the right preparations are made, they can be all set for their new spring garden once Winter ends.

Gardeners can take advantage of the slow, to zero growth season of Winter to clear out dead vines and leaves for Spring preparation. Any cuttings from bushes or trees that are pest-free can be put into the compost bin, which over time can produce fertile soil; perennial bulbs would need to be dug up and stored in a cool place if they won’t survive through the winter underground. Beds of perennial flowers and other plants require a layer of mulch 4-6 inches deep for protection from the cold. Once all the plant bases are cleared up, spring planting modifications can be easily made on a clean slate.

Large trees can suppress the growth of shallow shrubbery below. Getting them professionally topped and pruned can make a large difference in light distribution around the rest of the lawn. Most shrubs and trees need an extra layer of mulch around their base for defense against the harsh cold. Roses and other woody shrubs would definitely need mulch covers, because of their fragile roots. Even evergreens would really benefit from a burlap wrap or mulch ring to cover their base, unless you would like to risk having more dead plants to clean up later.

Many smart gardeners will also use the off-season (Winter) to perform any necessary tool maintenance such as sharpening, cleaning, oiling or possibly replacing worn out or broken tools. The value of having the proper tools for any job cannot be understated. It is important to drain and disconnect water hoses, and store them for the winter.

Gardening in the home often can be started despite the impeding bad weather outside. Some flowers, vegetables, and herbs can be started indoors for a few weeks before the last frost of the season ends. Peat pots make good temporary containers for growing plants inside the house with bright sunlight. Once the risk of frost has passed, they can then be transferred into the garden. Some seeds can be sown right on top of the snow for blooming in mid-spring or early summer. Spring does not have to be the only time to start planting.

Everything requires planning; do not wait until Spring is here to start on garden preparations or else one might get off to a rocky start. An attractive garden does not mean that it has to be on a large plot of land, nor does it require millions of dollars. Just a little pre-Spring planning and research on suitable plants for your garden will help make any individual’s space gorgeous and comforting. Do the planting and prep, then nature will do the rest to give you a beautiful garden in Spring.

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