The Basics Of Fencing Lancaster Pa

Fencing is one of the most respected of European sports because it has been hailed as the primary form of dueling ever since the medieval times in Europe. Warriors of the king used to learn ancient variations of this art for killing their enemies and engaging them in battle. Nowadays, fencing lancaster pa has become an honored sport of a gentleman that many would take up.

For those who are taking up this sport, then one has to make sure that he perfects the most basic of stances. This is known as the on guard stance and it is the stance that one will use in order to get ready to launch his attacks. In order to attain this position, one just has to spread his legs shoulder length with the right leg in front and left leg at the back.

When one has already gotten the stance, then the next thing that he has to know about would be the footwork techniques. The first technique is known as the advance which is the primary footwork that one can use for attacking. To do this attack, one just has to step forward with his leading leg and then let the back leg follow to create another on guard stance.

The second footwork technique that one must learn would be the retreat. Now the retreat is actually the exact opposite of the advance wherein one will move his hind leg before his front leg to go backwards. This is often used as a defense technique instead of an offensive one.

After one has already perfected the footwork, then after that he will be learning the basics of attacking. The very first attack that one has to learn is the thrust because this is the most common attack that one has to learn. Basically this is a stabbing move wherein one will outstretch his arm and lunge his legs to stab the heart.

The next attack that one would learn is the disengagement which is more of a counter attack instead of an offensive move. Basically, this is done when the opponent would try to do a thrust. One would do a spiral or circular movement with his wrist to first parry the attack then he can do a thrust of his own and stab his opponent.

A harder move to learn would be the glide which is more of a surprise attack. To do this, one just has to slap the blade of his opponent and slowly advance to the opponent in small steps. This is pretty much like a jab in boxing but instead uses a foil or sword instead of fists.

So for those who want to learn this art, here is a short overview. Now do take note that this sport is actually quite difficult and also intense. If one would want to find a good school for him to practice this craft, then a good place to find one would be in Akron, PA or other cities in the area.

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