The Frequently Neglected Roofing Issue After A Fire In Your Home

It will come from the simplest of things. Home fires don’t always originate from overturned candle lights or cooking mishaps. The truth is, my interest in fire protection comes from a the losing of a friend whose house fire began by a defective heating lamp in the cage of the family pet. Whatever the cause, or the damage, the most important thing is getting out of your home securely – but that’s often where the serious work starts.

With all the different things damaged in a fire, probably the most critical thing to fix initially is your homes roof. Several damage restoration businesses also have roof contractors employed with them and those that don’t will definitely have partnership agreements with established roofers in the area.

Many damage restoration companies offer several services in addition to roofing repair. Water extraction, drywall replacement, and electrical and plumbing work all need to be done after a fire. Finding one company that can do all of these items for you is often a huge time saver.

Why is it so important to get the roof repaired first? The reason is simple, you’re homes roof act as it’s first barrier against the outside elements. Even small fires can do significant damage to your roofing structure and leave your home and attic open to rain and weather.

It is completely understandable that the most common response from home owners is to jump in and start trying to repair things. Even if you consider yourself handy, it’s important to leave the bulk of the repairs to the professionals. Restoration is like anything else, it must be done in a specific order. However, with the permission of the crew, there are a few place you can help.

Removing pets from the home helps tremendously. If you have friends or family that are willing to keep them for you it will help lower your stress and your pets while everything is being put back together

The last thing you may think of during a time like this is your refrigerator; but don’t ignore it. Restoration specialists will likely cut the power to your house and food fermenting in a warm box won’t help your situation. Remove the food and store it in a safe location or cook it and eat it.

Finally, open windows to help air the smoke from the home if weather does not impede, if the windows are not boarded up, and if the restoration company gives you permission to do so.

Watch out for smoke damage. Smoke can be the most difficult thing to get rid of but most restoration companies are well equipped to tackle the problem. Wash absolutely everything several times. All family blankets, clothing, and any children’s stuffed animals. Fabric can be tough to deal with but it’s a critical step in the recovery process.

Electronics need a complete inspection as well. This includes all appliances, televisions, computers, and lighting fixtures. Electrical problems can be minor but develop over time and cause a secondary fire or more problems further down the road. This is not something you want to face because of a failed inspection.

Most of the insurance companies we work with have trained representatives they can send to help guide you during the entire reconstruction of your home. Call your agent directly. They may even have a listing of approved contractors they trust to help you.

A contractor in fire recovery work can assist you board up damaged windows, for example ones broken out by firefighters trying to extinguish the fire, or holes in the roof made during attempts to put out the flames. The repair team provides the skills and equipment required to clean ceilings, carpets and rugs, walls, fittings and accessories, and all of your family’s belongings. It’s the safest method to recover from a home fire.

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