Tips On Antique Furniture Restoration And Refinishing Massachusetts

Restoring your furniture offers ultimate satisfaction to you and give the piece a new look. Restoring your table or your drawer to a new look is something that is worth doing. It saves you a lot of cost and ensures that the product does not go to waste. Antique furniture restoration and refinishing Massachusetts may take a little time but you will be amazed by the outcome.

You need to take some precautions before starting applying chemical on your piece. Read all the instructions and ensure that you understand them. The restoration chemicals for furniture are very dangerous and if not properly handled they may cause death. You can try to get any assistance from the nearby hardware professionals on the usage of the various elements.

You must also decide whether to retain or remove the old finishing. Rejuvenating the coat will bring the product into an original luster. In case you want to clean an unpainted piece, ensure that you use pumice as well as a brush that can get into the crevices. You can also safe all this work by just refinishing the piece in the inside and then rejuvenating the other parts of this piece.

When working on your piece, ensure that you wear the relevant protection attire. Putting on some gloves and a good mask during the restoration is paramount. You will be dealing with various chemicals like paint removers which may be very corrosive and harmful. You need to apply the removers without the use of a brush. Cover all the nobs with a masking tape to avoid the stripper from reaching them.

Do not remove the stripper until you can be able to rub the surface using your finger. You can opt to leave the carvings of various boards with the stripper to give it time to be effective. Deciding to remove every stripper periodically is essential. This will leave the material soft and all new. Whenever the furniture requires extra stripper you should apply and give it time.

You should also strive to wash the piece after scrapping it. You must use the best solvent possible or get some water. The container of the solvent will highly help you in offering instructions on the best solvent you can use. This will dry and clean the product through the spindles and carvings of the table or cupboard. If the furniture is veneered, do not use water since it will lift the veneer.

You can remove the light scratches by the use of fine sandpaper. Using fine sandpaper will assure you of fewer mistakes. To get any stripper residue on the piece, you can set the wood up to allow the finishing. Using a 220 open aluminum oxide is critical here. You can also use old felt on various moldings on the piece. 120 C open aluminum oxide is a nice grit to use.

When you are done restoring your piece of property, ensure that there are no flammable pieces of clothes lying around. You need to put the rags outside to dry to avoid accident from occurring. Rags with these solvents are highly flammable and thus dangerous.

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