Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mold

It is a member of the Kingdom fungi. Mold is a woolly growth of tiny fungi. Their growth is usually brought about when the air of a place or surface is warm and moist. Mold is among the living organisms that cannot make their own food. They therefore put their complete reliance on other organic substances in order for them to survive. This type of fungi exists in various forms such as aspergillum and penicillium. The most common one is Rhizopus stolonifer which found in vegetables and fruits. The negative effects caused by the fungi in the ecosystem over-weigh the benefits and therefore it is important to control their growth. Thus, one should understand the main causes behind their growth and the factors that help them thrive well for example spores and warm temperature. The following are some significant methods on how to get rid of mold.

From the beginning it is clear that mold thrives best in dump conditions. Therefore, it is important to always dry clean the surfaces you have been working on especially in the kitchen. Other places that are prone to support the growth of mold are the bathrooms and stores. Also ensure that the plumbing work is well done because if there is any leakage it will lead to dumpiness. All you need to do is ensure that you home is well ventilated as this will greatly help you curb the factors that supports growth.

You will need to purchase mold catching filter in case you do not have them but if they are available ensure that they are well installed in the air conditioning system. The filters will help by trapping the woolly fungi and hence reducing the spread and number of mold in your house.

Another way to curb growth of these organisms is by use of bleach to wash and clean it off. This can apply to equipment within your home that you may suspect to be affected for example floors, sinks, plates and tools. However it is advisable never to mix bleach with ammonia and even other cleaning agents. Remember that, when using bleach, it important to always wear protective gears to ensure your safety too.

There are also natural ways of controlling this through the use of vinegar. It can be used to clean up your home at large. You can use vinegar independently thus reducing complications during application. The best way of applying the vinegar involves spraying on the places occupied by molds and then leaving it to stay for a while. This is followed by cleaning.

Fermented liquids and ethanol can also be used to serve the same purpose as vinegar. This advantage is that their smell is not as strong as that of vinegar. For example, alcoholic products such as spirits contain toxic substances that kill mold and inhibit their growth.

Lastly, existences of gaps on your floor or tile to be specific can hold water. This provides good conditions for the growth of tiny fungus. You need to refill the gap using a thin mortar in order to prevent further damages and destroying the conditions favorable for their growth.

Mold pose a threat to health of individuals such as allergies, irritation of the skin and stomach upsets. You health and that of your family comes first and therefore its important to get rid of these organisms at all costs.

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