Tips On How To Maintain Your Lawn

How healthy your grass is can depend on various factors that you should be aware of. Today there are many professionals offering lawn care services Baton Rouge who can assist you. However, if you have the time to do maintenance on your own, here are some tips that can be of help.

The way to provide the proper type of nourishment to your yard is by using the right type of soil so that it can grow and be maintained. You can start by testing to see what might be lacking when it comes to the minerals and nutrients commonly found in successful supplements and fertilizers for your soil.

While the soil provides the nutrients, your lawn needs water to stay hydrated and help in movement of minerals to the grass. In areas where the rainfall is lacking, you will need to install some type of irrigation system so that you do not have to take up too much time watering with a hose. If you consult experts they will be able to give you proper advice on the ideal irrigation system to use.

Mowing your lawn can be another big factor when you want to have healthy grass. When you have a lot of rain during certain seasons, you should cut your grass shorter so that it does not draw too many nutrients and minerals. That way you will not risk over fertilizing your lawn, which can kill the grass.

There are various species of grass and each may have different requirements in how to treat it to adapt in various climates. Keep in mind that your grass might go dormant in certain times of the year so that it can stay alive and weather the storm. If your lawn does go into this hibernation mode, do not panic. Once spring hits, you can expect the roots to start bringing new grass and be back to normal.

Maintaining your lawn requires only simple tasks, but if you do not take the time every day it is easy to have problems in your yard. Using too much fertilizer can kill off the grass because of the excess of nitrogen. Watering when it is really hot will actually evaporate before getting into the soil, allowing the grass to get burned easily. If you feel you cannot handle the job, there are a number of profession companies found online who can maintain your grass.

Expert lawn care professionals suggest that homeowners do top-dressing at least once a year to keep the yard healthy for longer. This process is simply applying a tiny layer of a soil-fertilizer mixture in an effort to encourage more grass to grow so that it can be thicker and greener. This is also a great way to take care of a patchy yard and fix any yard erosion.

If you feel your lawn needs to be rejuvenated, you can perform what is called top-dressing, where you spread a thin level of soil on top of your lawn to attract more roots to form. More roots can lead to a stronger yard and will yield thicker grass. You will notice the difference visually as it will be able to handle harsh climates.

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