Trust Your Water Heater Repair To Modesto CA Plumber

If you are like most people, you use your water heater every day. Whether you are cleaning the house, washing clothes, or taking a shower you rely on this major appliance to do its job on demand. When you have trouble with your unit, the professionals at a Modesto plumbing service can provide affordable repairs.

Problems with temperature are common with residential units. Sometimes changing the setting on the thermostat resolves the problem. You should set your unit to between 120 and 140 degrees for optimum performance. If the problem persists, the culprit could be a broken thermocouple on a gas unit or a broken heating element on an electric unit.

If you hear loud noises coming from the heater, you may need to flush the tank. Clangs, creaks, and whines are often the result of sediment building up on the inside surfaces. If the unit is still making noises after flushing, a plumber may have to replace the heating element.

Water pooling around the bottom of your unit or trickling down the side indicates a leak. A leaking heater is a big problem because the property surrounding the unit is at risk of damage from flooding. Immediate action is necessary to shut off the water supply. The next step is to call a local plumber.

Most heaters will last from five to 10 years before replacement is necessary. Usage will obviously have an effect on the lifespan. As your family grows, your usage needs will increase. You may need to purchase a new or bigger unit sooner to meet your demands.

The minerals in hard water can shorten the lifespan of a unit. Chemicals build up in the tank and pipes forcing the unit to work harder. This can lead to premature failure. Call a local plumber for affordable options when it is time to replace your heater.

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