What You Should Know About Dog Cone Collar

There is a vast number of people who try to find dog supplies including cone collar online and some have more success than others. The main concerns when shopping online is the quality of the product and the price of the item. In most cases the people who are looking for supplies such as cone collar have had it recommended by a veterinary surgeon. This recommendation is usually after procedures such as the removal of sexual organs. These collars are ideal for using immediately after the procedure until the dog is a bit better.

At first when the dog has got the collar on he will be in a bit of pain due to the surgery. The dog cone collar tends to be worn for ten to fourteen days. The pain that they experience will vary as will the way that they express the pain. The ways that the pain is shown will vary depending on the personality of the dog.

There will be some dogs that just want to lie on their beds however there will be some who want to pretend that nothing is wrong. The dogs that want to lie on their bed will only really move to get food or water. Some dogs will interact in their normally way and then dance around when they notice that something is missing. There is some dogs that will whine and this is especially during the first couple of days. One of the hardest things about being a dog owner is watching the dog recover.

In a lot of cases stitches will have been used to close the incision which was made during the surgery. It is important to keep a close eye on the stitches and this is especially important if the dog is a licker.

It is normal to lick the wound as this is the natural way of cleaning the area and relieving the pain. Although licking is natural it can lead to irritation of the wound area which can cause bacteria. When the dog is left on his own he will try and take the stitches out, which can be risky and will try attention by the vet immediately.

It is a bad thing if the dog manages to remove the stitches as this will mean that the vet will need to give him more anesthetic which is not something that is recommended. These special collars are a good way to prevent the dogs biting or chewing at the wound. These collars can be attached to the normal dog collar.

These special collars means that the dig is unable to reach its rear quarters which is good for after surgery. These collars will reduce the risk of irritating the affected area.

These special collars are available in a wide range of sizes but they are generally the same and can be purchased from the vet. It may be possible to get a cheaper one online and this will depend on where you purchase your dog supplies. As you can image most of the dogs who need to wear one of these will not be happy about it however the cone collar is certainly worth considering.

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