Allen Solly Shirts – Splash of Colours

The vibrancy of a blue hue, the rage of a red, the freshness of a green. Colours, glorious colours, is what Allen Solly stands for. It removes the convention of a grey+white shirt from your wardrobe and replaces it with colours so bright that will question your style and define who you are. What better to brighten up your day and make your work life burst with the shades of a rainbow than with the Allen Solly Shirt – the basic of all apparel.

Coco Chanel, the timeless fashion designer, once said ‘fashion changes, but style endures’ and we simply can’t disagree. Allen Solly is one such brand that strives to keep its style timeless. It is the perfect combination of comfort and style and while fashion changes like the seasons, the brand keeps its style alive with the many different colours that our world has to offer.

Allen Solly uses far greater material than most brands. It has a unique standing of its own and has made its mark in the world of men’s shirts – be it office wear, evening attire and a concept that it has made its own over the years – Friday Dressing. In introducing bright splashes of colours to their formal wear shirt collection, Allen Solly re-wrote the conventional standards of the grey-black-blue shirts and created a completely new style.

Allen Solly shirts look good in whatever style worn. Be it in the different collars that are available, different cuffs, its unique designs, patterns and of course, the plethora of colours that it has. You may simply want to log on to the web and browse through the multitude of different Allen Solly shirts that are on display. All you’d have to do it go to the Allen Solly men’s shirts section to see the great variety in terms of sleeves, occasion, colour, size, cuffs, collar, fits and patterns. There is simply so much to choose from!

Allen Solly, as a brand and an online brand, caters to not only people who swear by formal office wear, but also those who are interested in keeping different wardrobes categorised in formal wear, off-duty attire and Friday dressing. If you thought formal wear for your daily office is drab and boring, think again. Allen Solly shirts come in red, green, blue, navy, yellow, orange, pink, peach and even lilac. And yes, this is for men’s shirts! Walk into your Monday morning board meeting wearing a cotton pink and blue checkered shirt and we assure you that you will grab eyeballs.

Allen Solly’s style remains far beyond the fashion changes. Its interesting fits such as custom fit, slim fit, ultra-slim fit, neo-slim fit, sport fit and regular fit keeps you comfortable all throughout the day, and yet keeps you in vogue. Opt for these fits by going to the online Allen Solly shirt store. Wear an Allen Solly shirt with stripes, checks, solid, textures or patterns. You can buy an Allen Solly shirt for any occasion from business casual for those fun Fridays, casuals for those weekends spent lounging with friends and family and finally the formal wear for your five day week.

Combine all the qualities of an Allen Solly and get a shirt almost custom made for you – Opt for a full-sleeved, formal shirt, crafted from 100% cotton fabric, in a striped yellow shirt with an ultra slim fit and regular collar and cuffs.

It’s always a good idea to buy such brands in branded online stores as opposed to regional online stores or even going the traditional way. It saves you time and the hassle of travelling to the store. The Allen Solly shirts come in a plethora of sizes that are made for all body types. You can buy wide variety of attires at most affordable rates in a convenient shipping process and get your products that you have ordered being delivered at your doorstep in a most hearty way. Buy Allen Solly men’s shirts online today and dress up in a more comfortable way and attract your colleagues’ attention.

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