Boost Your Autumn Wardrobe With A New Eye Colour

Now you can change the colour of your eyes to match the clothes you wear this autumn! Contact lenses can do this for you with anything from Gemstone Green to Honey, or Violet to Sterling Grey.

With autumn here, match your eye colour to your autumn clothes

Whatever style you are wearing this autumn you can now match your eye colour, or get the best from your eyes with coloured contact lenses. Currently there is an amazing range of coloured contact lenses and you have the freedom to choose whatever outfit you like and not be limited by your eye colour.

This autumn, one of the trends is bright and light colours against a muted background and a set of brown contacts for your eyes will highlight the outfit. If you going with the current bright bold floral prints, you can use green contact lenses to be that bit bolder!

Blue coloured contact lenses will add to this season’s silvery, sequined, embellished look. Burgundy is a current autumn colour too and hazel colour contact lenses will certainly provide a tasteful look to go with it.

Your eyes can be the window to how your body feels both physically and emotionally. So draw attention to your eyes with Violet or Pacific Blue to make you look like you are truly shining.

Get the right coloured contact lense for you eye colour

There are two different ways that coloured contact lenses can colour and enhance your eyes and it is important to choose the right type of TINT for your eye colour when choosing coloured contact lenses.

Contacts – opaque tinted can be used for both light and dark eyes. The tint covers the iris fully, but the centre of the contact lense stays open to allow the light to travel to the pupil. They come in blue, green grey and hazel AND also Caribbean Aqua and a Violet!

Colourblend eye contacts suit light coloured eyes using a translucent tint that blends with the natural iris colour of the eye. FreshLook ColourBlends come in 12 colours as well as a special 3 in 1 technology to light up the eyes all at once. This allows for a rich range of colour blends.

Enhancing and defining your eyes with contact lenses

If you don’t want to change your eye colour, you can enhance your eye colour by using contacts to make your eyes look more defined, brighter and bolder. For example One Day Define contact lenses can give your eye a more vivid look by using a brown ring with very small intricate brown spokes to embolden the iris pattern. Dual layer printing technology can create a more distinctive look by using a starburst pattern to blend with the coloured ring into the iris.

Your online coloured contact lenses supplier can get the right colour for you right to your door. For more interesting information about acuvue contact lens, freshlook and all the best brands, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or go to our website.